26-27 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: Lost Opportunity Regained In The Imagination.
  • Cancer: A Storm In A Canyon.
  • Libra: An Airplane Hovering Overhead.

  • Capricorn: A Mountain Pilgrimage.

The theme of the cross is to reach for a higher perspective.

I found two stories that illustrate this cross, below.  In summary, we try to visualize what we want (Aries) and if we fail to achieve, releasing tears at our low point (Cancer), we can lift ourselves (Libra) and strive to our destination (Capricorn) in mind (Aries).

 In an interview with Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer (2014), Esther's resonant idea is that we need to always reach for a better feeling (Aries) regardless of the disappointing experience or reality we are in (Cancer), though we must allow our negative emotional release.  There is always a ‘higher-flying disc’ (Libra) to reach for after the Cancer purification (tears, which is the subconscious meeting the conscious).  In the video, Wayne Dwyer gets upset (Cancer) over genetically modified crops and Esther continues to remind him to focus on the solution rather than the problem, even that the problem always contains the solution—as there is always a bigger picture (Libra), and law of attraction will bring good things to you or you must move toward those good things (Capricorn). 

 Note also that mountains and canyons oppose—however there is no high ground without the low ground.

Another, more physically-oriented, story I learned for this cross was in witnessing a friend's account of a meditation involving monarch butterflies.  He said that monarch butterflies go from Mexico to Canada in the winter (Cancer’s storms) taking 3-4 generations to reach Canada’s Wichita mountain top (Capricorn), then one generation to come back.  Every time they migrate, they go to the exact same spot that a great-great-great grandparent was born at. 

 Not every generation reaches that holy destination (Capricorn), but using DNA instinctual memory (Aries) the species eventually gets there.  Monarchs fly this great distance because they conserve energy by riding columns of rising warm air and using strong winds to speed up flight (https://www.canadiangeographic.ca/article/animal-facts-monarch-butterfly); Libra).

Why do the butterflies migrate to that specific spot?  Well, that’s the Great Mystery!

The cross encourages us to keep going, and weather the lows for our high goals.

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