27-28 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: A Man Declared Bankrupt.
  • Virgo: A Bald-Headed Man.
  • Sagittarius: An Old Bridge Over A Beautiful Stream.

  • Pisces: A Fertile Garden Under The Full Moon.

The cross has adjacent halves of lack (Gemini, Virgo) and abundance (Sagittarius, Pisces).  In the case of lack, each symbol implies something that was taken away: wealth and hair.  According to Annette Noontil's Your Body Is The Barometer Of The Soul, baldness is about insecurity and feeling exposed, exactly how being declared bankrupt would make us feel.  Solace lies in the fact that even as we may think we have no leverage in society (resources, conventional attractiveness), in fact we still have other gifts and aspects of ourselves that can bring us abundance.  Bald-headed men are said to have a lot of testosterone and are sexually fertile (is the Pisces symbol a metaphor for exactly this?).  A bankrupt person can still do honest work and accumulate money again, with their body and brain - an old-fashioned method (like the old Sagittarian bridge) to get abundance flowing (the beautiful stream).

It is just a matter of where we put our attention - on aspects of our abundance or aspects of our lack.  The fact that the abundance symbols are more flowery and positively-worded suggests that we should focus on those.

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