27-28 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A  Woman Pursued By Mature Romance.
  • Leo: Many Little Birds On The Limb Of A Large Tree.

  • Scorpio: The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain.

  • Aquarius: A Tree Felled And Sawed.


The theme is about the smaller family unit, and finding some space, within the larger family tree.  Taurus’ woman is pursued by an older person more established in life, such as more family connections (Leo’s large tree with its limbs and birds).  The business version of the symbol describes pursuit by a head-hunter looking to add value to the organisation. 


Scorpio’s symbol shows the king claiming what is his.  You may be the patriarch claiming your line. Alternatively, your small family unit is dominated by the larger family structure.  You want to claim your limb of the family tree otherwise the patriarch (or matriarch) will limit the growth of your own smaller family unit.  Scorpio’s symbol provides tension with Leo’s birds—who does the tree belong to?


Aquarius’ tree felling suggests clearing out the dead wood—the stagnant larger organization—to create space or something new (furniture, firewood) as the current purpose (tree) is finished.  Unless new blood (Taurus and Leo) and/or energy in ownership (Scorpio) appears, the tree cannot be maintained as a tree but must find a new purpose.  


The cross follows the inevitable patterns of growth and decline in nature.  Families are maintained due to leadership then grow, split, decline, reform.


Aquarius’ tree felling makes space: to create a new alliance (Taurus) and growth (Leo) for the mature person experienced in relationships, developing their role as the patriarch or matriarch (Scorpio) until that leader dies (Aquarius), carving up the family and its assets.

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