28-29 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: A Celestial Choir Singing.
  • Cancer: A Muse Weighing Twins.
  • Libra: Humanity Seeking To Bridge The Span Of Knowledge.

  • Capricorn: A Woman Reading Tea Leaves.

Looking first at the Aries symbol, an obvious meaning is that the angels are giving you guidance, and not just as a little whisper in the ear, but a full-on, you-can't-ignore-this, we-aren't-going-away, you-better-listen-up type of guidance.

The Cancerian Muse bless any one of us with the genius of a particular gift at her behest. I imagine this symbol is about a Muse deciding which person to bestow her particular creative talent upon. Which twin is more worthy? The only story I know, about how to decide that one, is of the goddess Maat, the personification of truth and justice, who weighs each soul (called the weighing of the heart) against a feather to see who is worthy of entry to paradise. The twins in this case would refer to the fact that the Egyptian Creator "made every man like his fellow". But Maat is not in this symbol. In this symbol, the Muse may make a random decision about who to bestow her favour upon, she is in the process of judging who to choose, or even judging who has the joy from genius in their heart, even if it seems on the outside there is no difference between this or that person.  The decision could also be made by pure luck.  By the way, the word genius comes from "genie" who would visit you so that you, a mere mortal, could transcend creatively and contact the divine in expressing art.

The Libran symbol could mean making a short-cut, basically, to some kind of enlightenment. Or it can mean refining knowledge. Like I just did there, with that last comment.
The relationship between the Arian choir expressing and the Libran seekers are that they are trying to meet.

Then there is the Capricorn Woman Reading Tea Leaves, which I wonder is about interpreting the divine, trying to read messages from the universe via the earthy language of tea-leaves. Compared to the Aries choir of angels belting out guidance on their side, we practical (Capricorn) folk fiddle with cups and leaves on our side to understand what angels are trying to say! The relationship between the Cancerian Muse and the Capricorn tea-leaf reader illustrates that although you may have a particular genius, you still have to show up for work and go through the motions of making an effort to translate that genius for other people.

In each part of the cross, it seems there is a divine entity, and one could say some of us are born with a divine grace expressed (Aries), some achieve divine grace (Libra), some interpret divine grace for their own concerns (Capricorn) and others have divine grace chosen for them (Cancer)!

In terms of movement between symbols, I speculate that the Muse grants genius to any one of us, who is born to express the genius/divine (Aries), and still must work at contacting that genius (Capricorn), so that we can benefit from finding a process (e.g. meditation, kung-fu? tea leaves?) that allows us to contact that divine/Muse efficiently (Libra), so we can influence the odds of receiving creative genius (Cancer again).

In the other direction, the divine expression (Aries) uses a midwife Muse to be transferred to a human (Cancer) who uses their particular talent to progress humanity (Libra), ever mindful that this talent is a separate entity and therefore this relationship requires continued cultivation, consultation and maintenance (Capricorn) to strengthen communication with the divine (Aries).

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