28-29 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: Two Cobblers Working At A Table.
  • Leo: A Mermaid.

  • Scorpio: An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief
                 For The Lives Of Her Children.

  • Aquarius: Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis.


How do we use our power? 

By working (Taurus), by Being (Leo), or giving it away to another on behalf of someone else (Scorpio), or use it to evolve (Aquarius).

The latter two symbols are high stakes - the Scorpio lives are at risk, just as for the Aquarian butterfly where the struggle to get out of the cocoon is necessary to force fluid into its wings for flight.

Another perspective on this cross is as follows:

The Mermaid is comfortable in the water despite the fact that she is part of the food chain; the cobblers are working to put food on the table, the butterfly necessarily struggles so as to gain strength for its new life, and the squaw is desperate for her children's survival and is trying to relate the chief (power) with her children (vulnerability). 

From the mermaid, the cobblers, then the butterfly to the squaw, the symbols show harder work for survival, and the loop is closed when the squaw is awash in emotion (water) and can do no more than she has already done (acceptance and Being). 

Or the cross could be about the ego identification - the Taureans identify themselves with what they do (as at any party getting to know someone "so, what do you do?"); the Leo Mermaid could be seen as a romantic view of the self, or in the foreground within the greater oceanic whole; the Scorpio squaw throws her ego away and humbles herself in her great love for her children; the Aquarian butterfly is leaving one identity behind (chrysalis) and evolving into another identity.  The latter requires effort, which is a nice segue into the Taurean energy.

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