28-29 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: Two Cobblers Working At A Table.
  • Leo: A Mermaid.

  • Scorpio: An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief
                 For The Lives Of Her Children.

  • Aquarius: Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis.

Leo’s mermaid represents the mysterious, vulnerable, beautiful and secretive feminine side (dreammoods.com).  Mermaids live in water, the latter representing emotions. 

Scorpio’s squaw uses her emotional, feminine power to plead to the chief (representing leadership and power) for her children (representing vulnerability), trying to get the chief to relate.  Aquarius’ symbol also has life at stake because the struggle from the chrysalis is necessary to force fluid into the wings and gain strength for the butterfly’s new life.  Further, the chrysalis is the warm cocoon that helps the caterpillar hide from the world, asleep as it transforms. Emergence in Aquarius’ symbol describes how we can no longer stay small, simply because we outgrow it.  Scorpio’s squaw, in her lesser position in the tribe compared to the chief, cannot stay silent while others decide the fate of her children.

Taurus’ cobblers—who make and mend shoes to provide protection and warmth for the feet—symbolize the effort to protect our feet as we walk our path in life.  The cobblers are self-reliant in their shoe-making, they can protect their own feet.  Leo’s mermaid provides an interesting contrast as she has no need of shoes. 

The cross has pairs: Taurus’ efforts to create protection connect with Scorpio’s efforts to protect children; Leo’s feminine beauty resonates with Aquarius’ emerging beauty.

If we start at Leo’s mermaid symbolizing vulnerability, each symbol after describes an aspect of ourselves we can use for survival: our voice (Scorpio) in response to danger, our experience of struggle and the effort to evolve (Aquarius), our work for protection (Taurus), our feminine power (Leo, Scorpio).

Does the cross describe our power—in work (Taurus), being (Leo), expression (Scorpio), or evolution (Aquarius)?

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