29-30 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: Bathing Beauties.
  • Virgo: A False Call Unheard In Attention To Immediate Service.
  • Sagittarius: The Pope.

  • Pisces: The Great Stone Face.

The theme of this cross is the relationship between the irresistable force and the immovable stone!

The journey starts with a lovely distraction (Gemini), which is ignored for service (Virgo, making the Beauties akin to the Sirens) or for ideology (Sagittarius) until we reach the impassive gaze of Pisces Stone Face, where despite seeing all that passes in front of it, the face views all as illusion and is emotionally unmoved or "solid" within, neither flinching nor tempted by what is in front of it.

I had a recent experience with a boy in my class who had a really strong need for attention.  unfortunately I was teaching ethical discussion which is very much focused on listening to everyone’s opinons and examining everybody's reasons.  This means the rules of engagement were quite strict about listening and speaking and respect.  This boy found it very difficult to control his outbursts and distracting behavior throughout the lesson.  I spoke to him afterward about the inappropriateness of the behavior with respect to the aims of the class: “its not about you, but the ethical issues the class needs to talk about” and let him know that though he is welcome, I will continue to chastise him about his behavior so he needs to think about whether this class is a good fit for him.  Another teacher supervising the class told me she would call his mum about whether the class was a fit for him or not, letting me know that he can get to the point of throwing tantrums (he is 10 years old) in class!   If he does continue with these class discussions, I have no intention of being distracted (Virgo) by his behavior (Gemini), or give him any more attention than anyone else (Pisces) treating him exactly the same as the rest of the class (Sagittarius)!  

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