29-30 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Peacock Parading On An Ancient Lawn.
  • Leo: An Unsealed Letter.

  • Scorpio: The Halloween Jester.

  • Aquarius: The Field Of Ardath In Bloom.

First let's get some background on the Aquarius symbol: Ardath is apparently the name of a prophet in the Apocryphyl Latin Esdras (which are ancient biblical texts that have not been canonised).
Ardath is also mentioned in a novel by Marie Corelli - a popular novelist at the time Elsie Wheeler was alive (her death was in 1925, the same year that these symbols were channelled). Her book "Ardath: The Story Of A Dead Self" has been described as a "crazy late-nineteenth-century symbolist trope thrown into a blender and set on high. It's WILD. It's essentially a high-concept Orientalist fantasy smothered in the author's own blend of artist-as-priest Christian mysticism" by a fan (Ericavee) on Goodreads.com. In the book, Ardath is a waste-field near Babylon that the hero of the book must find as part of a transformative quest.

Looking at the Scorpio symbol: a jester is an entertainer in medieval times employed by a monarch, generally for storytelling and comic relief.  Halloween (or All Hallow's Eve, or All Saint's Eve) is a celebration dedicated to remembering the faithful departed, which has evolved into a fright night of spooky wanderers demanding a treat or they'll leave an unpleasant trick.  For the purposes of this interpretation, the Halloween jester has that sense of black humor that comes with having to deal with taboos - which death has become in western society.  The shadow side of this symbol is getting kicked for fun while you are down.

The Taurean peacocks with eyes on the feathers observe what is inside and outside of you. Their message is to not worry as you are safe and protected, and maintain your integrity.  Within the symbol, the peacock seems to convey a sense of entitlement (or showing off, or vanity), claiming the ancient lawn space as belonging to the peacock.  The symbol is about idyllism.

The cross describes the process of recovering from a truth-bomb (Leo's unsealed letter).  The Taurean peacock has a sense of entitlement and safety, until a message comes (Leo) which may or may not have sat in the background unopened until now, triggering a destruction of idyllism, bringing darkness and a sense of death of an illusion (Scorpio), but includes the saving grace of humor as a coping mechanism.  Once we look into the trigger and our reactions, and moved through the pain and darkness, we find the other side is abundant and fertile with love rather than the barren wasteland of pain we thought it was (Aquarius).  Love is the fabric of the universe, and recovering from our dark nights of the soul only brings us more love.

My friend's personal experience with this cross was with when she watched Outlander - she was so traumatised by the last episodes of the first season because they triggered her issues and deeply held subconscious fears about sexual abuse (Leo).  Normally she would meditate through it but this time she decided to just allow herself to feel her feelings and do her best to understand them, then release them consciously (Scorpio) instead of avoiding them through meditation.  After a few days, she found that she had put to rest all her fears about sexual abuse, had understood all her feelings about it, then fell madly in love with her husband (Aquarius) and moves forward in life without any of those old fears holding her back.  Because I am a glutton for growth, I decided to watch Outlander after hearing her story, but my trigger lay in some stupid decisions a character made.  I realised that my intolerance for "others'" stupidity was a form of arrogance (Taurus), and the Outlander trigger led me to realising my arrogance (Leo).   Life was kind enough to show me exactly how I was arrogant soon after - I was stopped by traffic police for going through an orange light, and I was extremely monosyllabic and cold as an expression of my anti-autoritarianism, because I was in the right and he was obviously wrong!  Well, the $480 fine tells me I was the wrong one :) (Scorpio).  Anyway, surprisingly once I worked through it (despite entitled thoughts saying "contest it!  fight the ticket!" which I ignored because I knew it was for my own growth), I also fell in love with my husband again (Aquarius)!  I didn't realise the different triggers would have the same result, but it makes sense if you believe love is the fabric of the universe and healing only brings more love.

I had another experience of this cross while healing some past issues relating to abandonment.  The person who delivered the truth-bomb was also the halloween jester - a lady who specialised in doing workshops with PTSD survivors explained to me how certain issues I had related to a 6-month period of abandonment early on in my life.  While we discussed what that meant, I with tears in my eyes, she had a smile the whole time.  She was very loving, the smile came from a place where she completely understood my feelings but was very happy I was making progress and saw tears as healing.  She was so happy I was crying!  This was because the process was very familiar to her and she could just about laugh with joy about how I was processing. 

[On the other hand my mother has Juno on the Halloween Jester, and she would have no problems laughing viciously at my suffering.  I think that an abusive childhood like she had can manifest a certain happy cruelty - probably justified with "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" or "serve you right" or "now it's your turn".  There is nonethless a happy ending with moving past this type of Halloween Jester - more love you keep for yourself, when you realise you're wasting it on the jester!]

The loop back to Taurus from Aquarius is that the blooming field is now the ancient lawn, and having overcome a dark night of the soul we do indeed feel safe, happy and secure within ourselves.  If we travel around the cross over and over, the theme is that enlightenment and growth is a continuous process.  Even the most spiritually "evolved" of us make mistakes and do horrible things, arrogantly thinking we are better people than others (Taurus) until the truth is revealed that we yet again have something hidden in the psyche that needs bringing to light (Leo). 

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