Age of Pisces 0-30 degrees

<tt>AntanO via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

AntanO via Wikimedia Commons


Good Friday - Relaxing at home
Chatting to a friend about religion, beliefs, marriages etc etc
What will be sacrificed today?

Easter Saturday - What a day!
I rose early,
Went for a walk
Greeted the sun,
Beautiful, peaceful
In contrast to the morning regime exercisers,
Active wear galore
Exercise exercise exercise,

Peter arrived home and in the van we jumped,
The surf hunt began.

Grabbing a coffee in town,
A simple enough activity
A woman of the christian faith
2 invitations to her church mass for Easter
I took the cards
After a small pause,
She seized the opportunity to convert me to her beliefs

Do you attend church?
Are you going to heaven or hell?
I reply:
Same place as you….

Ohhhhh nooooo!
she informs me,
The bible
Jesus is the ‘man’
No church then no heaven
Hell is an eternity,
A long time
You don’t want to go to Hell
probably not.

The passionate verses she recites require,
complete dedication to the cause,
To advise me sternly of my sins,
Of which,
the remedy is repentance,
then the gates of heaven would extend,
accompanied by her and her resurrected companions
She then leaves,
in confidence of her righteousness,
I am left wondering why did my pulse race to 200 when she spoke
My neck and face feel warm to touch
Had the thoughts of hell started already,
or was it my physical body reacting to 2500 years
of this easter story.
Silently concealed,
Waiting for the perfect circumstances to awaken
Alone, quiet and confused
The perfect conditions for religious fever

The day progressed,

along this easter celebration
Out for dinner,
we ordered the worst whole chilli fish meal ever!
Cost $40 - (just for the fish)
A bowl of boiled rice
Accompanied with frozen curry vegetables

Jesus went to the desert for 40 days and 40 nights
I went to fish hell!
Desperate to arrive home and forget about the day,
The homeward trek began
But first to navigate,
300 Chinese fisherman and families crowded along the foreshore
Slithering fish
Flying hooks
Kids running riot
and an off fish in my belly
Get me outta here!!

Arrived finally at the ferry,
On the banks of the River Styx
Only to find Charon is on a break,
Will this
in between day ever end (the long night of the soul)
Am I going to be forced to wander these banks for
(as my heaven advisor informed me)
An eternity

Is this what happened to Jesus when he was crucified?
On Saturday, he tried to grab a quick meal before the Resurrection
Only to find that all the fresh fish had been eaten on Good Friday,
by the hoards celebrating his crucifixion

Finally we can board,
Left to try and digest the days events,
I am not going to heaven,
My nausea from the fish, increasing
Luckily, I still have both eyes
and enough money for the ferryman.

Was the disciple right?
Am I really going to hell?
and have unfortunately missed the pre - requisite admission meeting.
The only person who could help me now was GOD him/herself!
or a good sleep and pretend none of it happened.

Easter Sunday - Resurrection Day

Nauseated from the fish
Contemplating hell,
Wondering if I am there

The only activity I had the strength for,
Photo shopping
Mindlessly I played,
Inspired with fresh ideas,
My low spirits gradually lifting,
God had arrived,
My trust restored
Dogmatic beliefs sacrificed to the fish gods

The key
The spiritual rebirth.
Hell diverted for another year.
The Age of Aquarius dawns.

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