Aquarius 18-19 A Forest Fire Quenched


A friend of mine had an experience just before Mercury hit this symbol. Her relationship with the in-laws is very strained, with hardly any communication between them. Her partner has had to deal with the fact that his sister was raped by their father when she was young, and this has made his own relationship with his family strained also, because nobody talks about it. His sister has moved thousands of miles away to get away from them, but has a good relationship with her brother and my friend.
Around the time that Mercury was about to hit this symbol, my friend started to receive signs about a past life - all at once, posters, people and gifts were in front of her that resonated very strongly of a past life as an African tribe-member, and she realised that she had once been sold into marriage as a seven-year-old. So her feelings about her sister-in-law's and indeed the whole family situation have more layers. Beyond her own strong feelings (completely understandable) against incest, rape and paedophilia, there are further layers of having a family in her life that seem to accept these things, and have a "what's your problem, we all suffered so why can't you?" attitude. If we take this further to issues of cultural acceptance of child-marriage, we can imagine a whole family and wider society attitude of "we all went through this, we survived, so what's your problem, why are you causing trouble?", when clearly the "symptom" of the problem is the one speaking out, and the problem that needs to be looked at is the actual tradition/situation itself.
So my friend was reliving a situation that she was fated to relive, and that she needed to transform that energy into her own destiny. It was her response that was important for her own spiritual development. That night, after she had her realisation of this past life and saw in her mind an African Warrier and his shield with her (helping to protect her - deflect, deflect, she saw it to mean!), she got the absolute b!tchkrieg via text, calls and emails from the in-laws telling her how much they hated her, name calling etc. All at once. A total sh!t-storm of hate.
Then they would contact her partner (his family) and ask him to "come back, we love you, we know it's her bad influence on you", but he would just tell them that he was happy with his life.

Anyhoo, my friend weathered the fire-storm, remaining centred in herself, stood up for herself, saying enough - not too much, not too little. She made it very clear that they were all projecting their anger onto her (deflect deflect she thought!), and that she was not the abuser in their family, but they were looking for a common enemy to hate rather than try to heal their past. She told them that she was a person and lived in her house and they had no right to abuse her like they have been abused, but to look at their own behaviour, as well as realise that they don't even know my friend as they have never made an effort to know her, so why all the judgement. They felt like she had stolen their brother/son away but he only ever said to them how happy he is with her!
One person in particular became very quiet and thoughtful about this, so my friend did a good job of getting the communication heard.
Nonetheless, my friend was very hurt and recounted to me that three times the family had said "we don't care about you". It really stuck in her.
My interpretation was that if she had indeed had a past life as a child-bride, she would have wondered if her family had bothered to find her a kind family to live with, or even deeper, if anyone loved her more than a bargaining chip. When you are surrounded by people who appear not to show love, sometimes we break our own hearts by hoping that someone around us does in fact love us. We can really hurt ourselves looking for something that is not there. So we need to look inwards and find our own love for ourselves. I believe that the in-laws did my friend a kindness by saying straight out that they did not care, by nipping in the bud any hope of compassion from them. It may be the hurt child carried over from that past life that was given the message that these people are not going to give you what they lack for themselves, and this is a culture of survival rather than bonding, so stop looking for a shred of human feeling from them.

So my friend is now free to refuse any family events that she didn't want to go to anyway, and make a fresh start for herself. One of the signs she received was that she had a choice of pink or green eyeglasses that day, so she bought the pink ones (love and forgiveness - her meaning) rather than the green ones (fresh start - her meaning). When she put the glasses on at work, she realised they made her blind, so an African friend at work lent her eyeglasses - they were green! So this experience has meant for my friend to let go of the past and make a fresh start for herself. It is a blessing because this is a sign that she only needs herself for her happiness, which is powerful and freeing as well.

As for the in-laws, I think that if my friend hadn't been so mature, the flames might have found more fuel to burn. I imagine that for them, hating someone gives them the feeling of power that anger can give, and so our egos enjoy it, but really under the anger is the vulnerable hurt person that was abused. Nobody really wants to visit that feeling of exploited vulnerability, and there is more quick-fix reward in having an angry confrontation, however the vulnerable hurt is the source of all the anger and its never-ending fuel. The in-laws are avoiding looking into their hurt by finding an easy target for their anger. One day they might want to a change of heart or life or pattern, but that is clearly their journey to take if they want to. It may be that the bitchkrieg with my friend has put them on their own long path to healing, not that they are likely to thank her for it!

I wonder if the Mesopotamians on the Other Side might have been grabbing their popcorn and having a good time watching the entertainment! When you know who you are and where you come from, and what you want, you are in your personal power. Often this is the point people reach when they have had enough of something, and surely is beautiful to watch.

I feel my friend did excellent representing herself and moving forward from old wounds.
Since the fire-storm of that night, 36 hours later Mercury is on this symbol and everything has calmed down. My friend is now enjoying a little break by the beach!

This is probably moving away from the sabian symbol, but is included to give another slight angle. I was lucky enough to get some feedback that what I'd written above was helping a detective (in the anti-paedophilia department of the police) arrest a minister who was also a close family friend. The detective was doing the arrest anyway, but was finding it emotionally difficult and needed to get over the internal conflict to be peace with herself. This minister had a close relationship with her father, and she had a terrible relationship with her father. So she was finding the whole situation extremely difficult, knowing that her father was going to hate her even more, despite the fact that she knew she was doing the right thing.
Sometimes we have our own fire-storm in our lives, with conflicting emotions and thoughts - but these emotions and thoughts are not all our own. We need to discern which is "their stuff" and which is "our stuff". So the voice in our heads is sometimes our abuser's voice, or their follower's voice etc etc.
After I heard that this detective had read this article, I wrote a message for her. The message is as follows:

My thoughts are with you. I was thinking about how often abusers have no intention of changing or admitting they're wrong, and they throw out all sorts of stuff at you to distract you from doing or even thinking of what you know is right. We also bash our heads against a brick wall ever getting them to admit the ways they hurt us, especially emotionally or psychologically. There is no "win" or "win-win" if you're looking for remorse because the abuser or their enabler's firm grip on their delusional self-righteousness. The only way forward is to make a fresh start. The relationship is dead anyway, and there is no salvaging it, so you might as well go ahead with conviction in yourself and do what you know is right. Good luck.

I hope this message helps people.

Moving away from all of the above, does anyone have a different experience of this symbol, or the same?

Pleae share your experiences of this Aquarius energy, you never know who it might help or in whatever way!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

Please note that your comment may be edited for other visitors' experience. We aim to share knowledge and experience for greater learning.

Many thanks!

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Feb 27, 2016
Chiron 18 -19 Aquarius
by: Anonymous

Butterfly Effect of Perception

Rifts created by preconceived ideas and the past of silence.

The Wedding
If you would like to read between the covers of a canyon you may find the butterfly effect of perception.
One moment she was there, providing water for an unquenchable thirst, the next, vanished like a mirage from the scorching desert.

He heard through the vine that she was to be married, a bullet through his middle.
The curtains had flung open exposing his fear and pain.
Eyes watched in amusement and disinterest, for it was not flowing through their veins: was the perception.

Efforts of mending and hiding the pain of loss and loneliness, tried in vain.

His past had met his present and the future was lost in a wilderness of images and feelings.

Words, fell onto deaf ears and their preconceived perceptions lead the way.

No one, not even himself had seen the change coming; the new continent that was emerging from sea.

The real self was shifting into place. Old worn out travelling shoes were transforming to dust upon his feet.

He would walk this path alone for some time, a gift, new breath to sweeten his journey.

Loneliness became a welcome travelling partner.

He emerged from the sands, a fertile oasis, breathing in the eternal fragrance of immortality.

Feb 24, 2019
by: Anonymous

When my mom died this was the symbol that came up. She had lived in pain for years, both mentally and physically, and I think it was finally "put out",like the fire.

Feb 25, 2019
I hope your mother is at peace
by: Bek

Thank you for sharing.

Dec 13, 2019
Oracle response to my mother's death
by: HP

I got this symbol from an oracle after my mother's death. My mother had lived in pain for years and years prior to her death, both physical and mental. This symbol was so appropriate. I felt like she was burning and in pain for so long, and when she died, it was quenched. She was released from the fire. It was a very comforting symbol for me.

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