Aquarius 21-22 A Rug Placed On A Floor For Children To Play


My friend Pam has her Moon on this degree. Her story is below:
My mother recently relayed a story of my early play days in the 60's play pen, which was equivalent to "the rug" for mothers with OCD, who didn’t want their children experimenting with objects around the home.
She tells me, without batting an eye, that she found me "blue" in the pen as my cardigan button had become entangled in the netting around the enclosure. I said to her in all seriousness, "well what did you do?", thinking she would respond "I threw out the play pen", but no, she apparently took off my cardigan and popped it on backwards so the buttons wouldn’t snag again. She must have thought children only play one way, front on.
This is a pattern which I have developed at length through my life. I have lived in the same suburb my entire life, even though at times I have felt claustrophobic and trapped, a little like the play pen. I renovated, house after house in this "burb", thinking my life would change into a happily ever after with each physical change of address. Of course living life "front on" (only perceiving the future) meant the merry go round continued, until I started thinking about how my past kept meeting my future, repeating the same pattern over and over again. (Karma).

My life didn’t change until I did the one thing I thought I never could:
I filed for divorce.

Not because my husband was abusive, but because I felt unfulfilled in my relationship to him, more like siblings than husband and wife. I watched romantic movies, dreamed of escaping to exotic places, I played out in my mind many scenarios (5th house Sun in Leo).

I must say I have not enjoyed any of this process whatsoever. As a consequence of this readjustment though, I now understand my life a little bit more, because of the trials and tribulations of this process.

My Moon squares the nodes (9th and 3rd house). Perhaps I have dreamt of distant lands in previous lives to escape my humdrum life. Dreaming of different religions, foods, philosophies, friends, husbands, etc. Life this time round has orchestrated it so, crystallised beliefs and personal difficulties, which are to be understood.

I have had and will have many enlightening experiences, but after each one I am left with this buddhist saying:

"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

For me enlightenment comes from a combination of conversations with myself, friends, books, pictures, nature etc etc. To relay these expressions in form allows me to see my own spirit in action.

My Moon is in the house of darkness and secrets, so understanding its energy is a slow painstaking process.
Interestingly, preceding my divorce, I opened a candle shop (The Aquarian Moon). Obviously I don’t like to be enlightened too fast!
Crystals form in the dark.
Gifts, as crystals are precious and sometimes misunderstood, may be given away as worthless/ tired-of jewels, but nevertheless they are enduring capsules of time, which if allowed the light of day, can become a precious enduring heritage.

Now it's your turn! Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Aquarius karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Dec 12, 2015
Dreams are a safe place to play
by: Bek

Pam, again you give a lovely final description of your lessons as crystals. Do you realise your writing beautifully crystallises your experiences?

I immediately thought of how dreams are a safe place to play out our fantasies or ideas. They are a good way of asking ourselves "what if" and our dreams will give us the answer - so we can put to bed any desires we have and let them go, or we are given a sign to move toward that idea in "real" life. These are called scenario dreams.
From our conversations I now think of how you like to keep an eye on your workmates because of past life trauma you experienced watching Nazi doctors perform experiments on people. And that as a child you had that near-death experience, so you chose to "play it safe" living in the same suburb etc afterward.
You have mentioned in conversation that the house of darkness and secrets is the 12th house. This is also the house of dreams?
Sometimes we have a near-death experience and then become risk-takers, living life fully (after the divorce).

Let me know if any of that resonates for you Pam? (Because I am not you! and so I don't know...) :) xxx

Jul 10, 2016
Aquarius 21 - 22
by: Anonymous

Moon in Aquarius 21’ square Neptune 19’ Scorpio.

An inconsequential event that spurred a chain reaction of thoughts:

Walking back from lunch, carried by a wind chill factor of zero and a typhoon clawing at my clothes, a small voice of a child to his mother,
echoed pleadingly through the air,
"Ohhhhhhh, but why can’t we have hot chips?’ he said completely dismayed
"Because", she relayed in that all-knowing mother tone,
"Hot chips are not an everyday food".

His disappointment and disillusion was palpable, not just from him but,
I too, had joined in his feeling of distress,

When did this happen?
MY, favourite menu
an every day food!
Had this ‘bird' gone insane
Had the world lost it’s value
A freezing cold afternoon, when the world wasn’t interested in your creature comforts
And the only salvation, a paper bag filled with chips, sauce and a good licking of salt.
She of all people was denying him, this/his only pleasure.

Arriving back at work
I pondered,
Why are some points in time more highlighted than others?

It was like this duo were flung onto my path to compensate for the humdrumness of an ordinary work Wednesday.
Where the landscape had nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing quirking my interest.
Auto pilot was fully engaged.
Most events of my life moved through this doorway ignored, overpassed, neglected, crushed against the walls of normality, with little space to breathe.
However, this small insignificant moment side-tracked my day to inward reflection, as opposed to the normal outward search.
My mind became silent and attentive to the invisible spiritual forces attuning to my own personal rhythm.

I became regardful of the time this conversation took place, subsequently drafting a horoscope.
My suspicions confirmed by the conjunctions to my birth chart. A message from "the divine mother":

Ascendent -Scorpio 19’ - A Woman Drawing Two Dark Curtains Aside (My Neptune) -"The Divine Mother"
Sun -Cancer 14’ - A Group Of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It (My Mars and Venus) -"The Chips"
Jupiter -Virgo 17’ - A Ouija Board (My Uranus) -"Spirit of a past life"

A wanderlust excitability swept through my veins, coincidently as the wind whipped around my frame, the feeling and the weather conditions, now companions.
Inner world and outer world unified, resembling an playful appetizer.
The prelude to an evenings entertainment.

Home I drove, consumed and focused with needing closure and understanding of this scenario.
I had finished 2 days prior an article on my natal Saturn in Pisces, revolving around a past life as an Irish Catholic nun whom died of starvation and TB during the Irish potato famine in 1845.
How is this related to the boy and his mother discussing the pros and cons of chips?
Chips are made of potatoes and his mother was refusing to allow him the simple childish pleasure of a chip banquet.

Now turn the clock back to 1845 and the ascetic nun, her only pleasure "potatoes" was stripped away during the potato blight in Ireland.
The weather would have been as it was on this day, cold, bitter and bleak. Couple this with a bare pantry, and I imagine these intolerable conditions could precipitate a complete loss of faith in the ‘divine’.
Hence my earlier life explained in the previous article on the great malefic planet Saturn in Pisces (a loss of faith).
A woman whom spent her life praying, teaching faith and trust in God, only in her final days to be left hungry, cold and lost within her beliefs.

Consequently during the last few weeks I have been aware of a particular vagabond, whom has appeared at certain meaningful points in time.
For me now I know he symbolises, the hidden skeptical ‘nun’ trying to regain her belief in the divine order.

An interesting annotation:
Neptune a fairly new planet on the scene of human consciousness was discovered in 1846.
Liz Greene quotes, Neptune "is also a destroyer because in fulfilling the demand of the mass, he often becomes the enemy of a man’s basic personal needs".
As Neptune is conjunct my South Node, did I sacrifice my personal needs in this past life to the detriment of my inner child and my basic needs, believing this would bring me closer to God?

Overeating (Cancer 14’) the Spirit (Virgo 17’) with the result of physically starving to death believing this would bring me closer to God (Scorpio 19’)

This accidental brief encounter illustrated an insignificant moment in time transformed into a significant moment, chaperoning a shattered belief system into a new dawn.
Sometimes we need to lose faith to move us forward in another direction.

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