Aquarius 27-28 A Tree Felled And Sawed

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My friend has her Midheaven on this degree. She believes it means she is always preparing and setting up for "winter" or lean times. She incidentally has a belief (from her parents) that money is scarce (so she has abundance issues!) which has motivated her to save her resources and put them to best use. She has a block of land and is very much living a rural lifestyle, so this symbol resonates with her.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Aquarius karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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May 04, 2016
Aquarius 27 - 28
by: Anonymous

Are families more important than the truth?

This is the question I asked the Sabian oracle
The answer I received was: 27 - 28 A Tree Felled and Sawed

At the time I was having trouble with my very new in laws, in fact I was very disliked by most of them, I had tried to be friendly and accommodating to their peculiar ways of hiding their secrets under the carpet. (My Moon (12th house) being "Children Play Safely on a Mat" squaring Neptune(9th house) "A Woman Drawing Two Dark Curtains Aside")
These symbols suggest I like to see whats behind the curtain but then no one, including "myself feels safe to play". (Square) But this dissection is not about my chart.
But my partners responses to life were always reflective of his previous upbringing and life prior to my appearance.
So for self preservation, and the relationship,
Conditions had to change.
Both of us needed to acknowledge our own genetic heritage and reform or discover our authentic selves.
His father abusive and intolerant, his mother dismissive of his youth.
Where does this frustration and disillusionment release?
Of course
The new partner from the fairy tale life., whom "doesn’t understand".
Without going into the gory details of the last 8 years,
I can say we have both been on a very steep " Everest" learning curve, and sometimes yes the oxygen and ice has nearly destroyed our journey together.
The following is my interpretation of this Aquarian degree:

Ahhhh families,
The ideal
The truth
How many people do you know that brag about how close and loving their families are.
The "dream" expressed, regardless of the real story.
If we are not orating a testimonial to outsiders, at least the inside circle gloat at their perfection of the family tree.
Which relates to perfection within ourselves
We have the angry member, the crying loving member, the moral member, the rebellious out of control member, the intelligent I have it all together member, the list goes on and on and on.
Each person bonded through a particular characteristic in their personality.
This all seems to work fine until a new OUTSIDER comes on the scene.
Viewing all the dysfunctional parts,
The questions start….
Are your family always like this?
Has anyone said anything to them?
She is such a bitch?
Why does your mother put up with that?
The endless probing
Under the fabric of the families crust.
The once stable locomotive is now under microscopic surveillance.
Some members agree and acknowledge the inadequacies of their genetic pool,
some become offended,
thence formulate and assemble troops to construct a barrier between the viral outsider and the ancestral roots
A Tree is ready to be Felled and Sawed
This symbol for me is the moment when we all need to disengage from our genetic tree and own all parts of ourselves

My friend and I created our own personal symbols for this degree:
A Fisherwoman Silently Fishing
A Message Scrambled

How many of us let the messages be scrambled for a while by the felled tree to fish silently not knowing what we will catch?

May 04, 2016
Pruning dead wood?
by: Bek

we are clearly tracking along similar experiences in life!
Your interpretation has sparked a resonant understanding in me :) I feel that this symbol, for me, is about getting rid of dead wood, but in a useful way - the tree serves a better purpose when it is chopped up and ready to use for something else - a creative process.
Also, in the chopping, we can inspect the rings of the tree, to see the environments and times the tree grew in (an aspect of dendrochronology - thanks Wikipedia!)

I totally get the idea that we need to pick apart where we have been and who we have been moulded into, before recreating ourselves as we envision.
By ruthlessly examining ourselves, we bring to the surface anything subconsciously holding us back.

Of course, there is the associated idea of "how could you destroy a perfectly good tree?", but in order to survive, we need firewood, or in order to create a chair etc, we need to chop wood. It's like a sacrifice, in order to move into the next phase or element (fire, chair-ness) of experience.
Absolutely spot-on interpretation, and I enjoyed your writing :) :D

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