Aquarius 9-10 A Popularity That Proves Ephemeral


My friend Alice's Earth is on this degree. Her story is below:

This sign is my Earth, I notice everywhere one minute it's the best thing then the next it's thrown on the rubbish heap.
This can be friends, books, clothes, music anything and everything that captures your attention.
As my Earth is in the 11th house, collective popularity I have always found intriguing. What do these people, that change the collective wave, have in common?
We often just presume it was all the front man's doing (the lead singer or poster girl etc) but there is usually a huge production of people pushing for these changes to occur. From their dear old mum to the prime minister of a country.
I think the biggest push comes from the culture and collective themselves. We are all single cells that participate in a cosmic game, with an unconscious urge in control.
You can be going along just fine in your everyday life and then one day bam! Something out of the blue hits you. (Aquarius) destiny so to speak.
It's your turn to awaken, and move yourself in a direction that wasn't in your life plan.
So as much as this house is called the house of dreams, I am left wondering how much of our personal dreams are working within this picture.
The age old debate of fate vs personal creation (the secret).
How much of our refusal to participate in something that comes our way, is to do with ego and the lack of understanding of our real purpose in life?
As the saying goes "real life happens while you're dreaming of other things"
For me I have been the biggest schemer, dreamer and conjurer of another life in my spare time.
Often getting lost in the latest gadgets, theories, fashions etc
But as I have become older I've noticed how I plan and have a vague map of where I am going but am more open to what feels right at the time.
I have read a lot of material, spoken to a myriad of people from all works of life.
The most common connector is that everyone likes to be loved and to love.
We have yes, genetic manufacturing, new scientific discoveries everyday, but human beings seem to still find it difficult to understand each other and our need for communal living.
The further we go in modern civilisation,the further we seem to go against our own natures.
Depression,anxiety,drugs and alcohol abuse are on the rise in the modern world.
I watched the movie "The Lady In The Water" years ago and there was a part in it, where a man writes a cook book but he was going to die not long after that (the mermaid told him).
He could not see the purpose in the book, if he was to die.
She said it would inspire a great chef one day, that was the purpose of his book.
So even though we are not all popular, in the big scheme of life, we all play a part in our collective's evolution.
We are all a collection of thoughts, conversations, images etc, sometimes you are asked to step up to the plate and other times it's your turn to let someone else express the collective's desires to change and evolve us into hopefully a loving race that respect all life.

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