Aries 13-14 A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman

<tt>B Escorial 18 by Real Biblioteca de San Lorenzo via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

B Escorial 18 by Real Biblioteca de San Lorenzo via Wikimedia Commons

I know two people with Chiron on this degree. It has manifested in their lives by having a third person disrupt their relationships with their partner, and in one case, with a boss also.
One person is a friend who has a stepson, and this stepson gets in his father's ear (her husband) and caused disagreement in her marriage. My older brother-in-law has a similar situation with his girlfriend (a mature woman) and her adult daughter (who has a lot of trouble in her life).

My friend also works in a team of two with her supervisor. They had a new manager who then got into her supervisor's ear and turned him against her - and now they have a case of workplace bullying.

Another friend of mine has her Lilith on this degree. Recently she has realised that her beloved grandmother is deeply, deeply manipulative. My friend is actually grieving about this, and it is as if her childhood is over (my friend is in her 40s!) She is deeply disappointed to have this realisation, as she also feels that her grandmother is the source of a lot of problems and blocks within her family. Unfortunately she still does love her family and grandmother very much, so it causes her a lot of pain to have this other negative perspective.

She has always seen her grandmother as extremely sweet and gentle, never raised a hand to her children or grandchildren, so it is very difficult for my friend to reconcile her grandmother as the cause of a lot of family issues. While I can't offer a definitive idea of what Lilith means (dark side anyone? hows about primitive nature? Insubordination anyone? anyone?) I can see that my friend must give up on the image of her grandmother as someone who is unconditionally loving. I feel my friend sees her grandmother like the serpent that causes trouble for loved ones. Emotionally, this is a devastating, soul-shifting realisation, so I hope for the best for my friend in her new growth moving forward.

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