Aries 20-21 A Pugilist Entering The Ring

<tt>USMC-16050 via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

USMC-16050 via Wikimedia Commons

Last night I was watching the boxing documentary "Facing Ali" which I highly recommend viewing. What I got out of this doco was that most of the old-time boxers say that fighting Muhammed Ali was an honour and a life-changer. I don't know if most of us see getting body-punched that way, but it was a refreshing way for someone like me, who has become soft and over-protective of my children, to view challenges.

I had been speaking to a wise-woman who channels the Ascended Master Guan Yin about her own challenges, and I had been wondering why it was she continued to have particular challenges, considering how evolved I perceived her to be (so I was still in good/bad and oversimplified cause/effect dichotomies, not appreciating the bigger picture). Her response was that she had chosen them before she was born, and each challenge was a lesson to help her refine herself. It seemed that she relished the "attacks" so she could overcome them emotionally and spiritually, becoming more and more a master of herself (not that she particularly "enjoyed" them at the time, but she did enjoy the "victory" at each challenge). I had become fearful of challenges and here was this lady actually viewing her experiences as an honour to have them, to prove to herself what she was made of, and to evolve herself! Some of the things she had been through were things I really wouldn't want to have to deal with!
She told me that the inner life was all that mattered, and that problems of the material world just brought attention to the inner life to look at. So the outer world was a kind of messenger.

When I thought of my own life, if I surmounted my own challenges, why did I feel the need to shelter my own children from the experiences of life? Why would I want to stop the outer world bringing messages to my children, to help them understand themselves? Maybe they want to enjoy the thrill of a worthy challenger - their own selves projected onto the world? Sure you "win" some, you "lose" some, but in the end it's all just You, and that is all that matters (life is just the collection of experiences we engage with to view ourselves). In fact, I also recommend watching Kung Fu Panda, where the message is basically the same (it's all just You, there is no secret ingredient!)

Another aspect of this symbol is the idea that we hurt ourselves to learn our strength. A friend of mine is going through a dark period of divorce, and as a now-single mother, she is extremely financially sensitive. So she wounded herself where she was most fearful, by lending her new rich boyfriend money, and cut off the relationship while he still owes her. Her sister seems to be doing a similar thing. Her sister has a very powerful energy and she is destroying her life and herself, with no interest in "getting better" - attempting suicide in front of her child, assaulting her own sister and then pressing charges then losing in court, divorce and losing custody etc etc. She is yet to hit rock bottom and I suspect she is trying to find her rock bottom. Losing a husband, sister and child are deeply wounding experiences, and yet when I have met her I get a very strong "F off" energy from her! I don't believe that this symbol necessarily means that someone is suicidal and likes to destroy themselves, just that we like to test ourselves.
My friend, in lending money to her boyfriend, realises that "it's not so bad" this thing she was scared of. So while it might not make sense to people on the outside looking in, it makes perfect sense in terms of our personal journey, part of which is to change fear into love (or tolerance if you can manage it, or acceptance if you can manage it).

Another aspect that I bring to mind about this symbol comes from the Youtube video about the Honey Badger by Randall (and not safe for work, lots of swearing) where you get a nature documentary with a voice over. The honey badger will happily get bitten in the face by a viper a hundred times, because it's hungry and wants to eat the viper. And it doesn't care. Because it's hungry! So the viper is dead but in the middle of eating it, the honey badger will pass out from the venom, then hours later recovers and continues eating the viper. Like it's no big deal, it's not so bad, I'm hungry!

Anyway back to the Facing Ali documentary: I got a lot out of the stories that these old boxers had, the challenges they faced out of the ring, and the spiritual evolutions they had gone through. It was a deeply satisfying documentary. Five stars!!

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