Aries 29-30 A Duck Pond And Its Brood

<tt>King Edward VII as a sportsman 1911 via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

King Edward VII as a sportsman 1911 via Wikimedia Commons

A friend of mine has her Earth on this degree. This appears to manifest as a large family that extends within the geographic area of western Melbourne.
All the time I have ever known her, I have always enjoyed being around her large family as mine was so small. It appeared that the famiy gatherings were always happy and full of good-natured ribbing. My friend has usually rolled her eyes and always reminded me that these family gatherings were so exhausting, and now 20 years later since I met her, she seems over all of her family. This is because she feels trapped by them. She loves them dearly but she finds herself pulled into their health issues and minor dramas (no, it's not that bad, and she knows it's not that bad). Her Rahu/North node is 21-22 Scorpio Hunters Starting Out For Ducks and she has lately been calling her family out on their crap.
To me, a large close knit family might be claustrophobic because in any family structure our roles are defined. As babies, we need to belong and fit in, in order to survive. So we develop personality structures that the family finds acceptable - for example, if there is already a dominating personality, then two dominating personalities will clash and therefore the newcomer will develop an accomodating personality in order to survive within the family unit. As more and more people belong to the family unit, our personality roles within become more limited and more defined. To find out more about this, check out Michael Domeyko Rowland.

In order to grow, we need freedom to express the other personality structures that we repress within the family, so we seek outside influences that will allow us to safely express these (it might be the dominating side of a gentle person, who would be attracted to other dominating people who subconsciously teach this person how to use that repressed energy/personality safely or creatively). It may be through friends, travel, joining a community group or it may be just moving away. Often when someone changes within the group there is a lot of adjustment required in the group and the pecking order shifts and masks have to slip to show repressed personalities. The rest of the family therefore may find this change threatening or unwelcome. This is why sometimes we come home after a long trip or life away only to find that people in our hometown or family are not interested in everything we learned while away. It's like the pond is iced off and we are not welcome there!

Anyway in my friend's much more loving experience, the personality structure of her family members are inflexible enough that she feels suffocated, as much as she loves them and they love her. She compensates for this feeling by working as a geologist which takes her away out field or out of the country for weeks and months at a time.
In my friend's experience, this symbol is about the tension of the individual and the group, how we need the group to survive, even thrive and experience wonderful social connections, yet we also need to personally grow - which requires freedom and space to do so.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

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Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Mar 08, 2016
Aries 29 - 30 a duck pond and its brood
by: Anonymous

Aries 29
A duck pond and its brood,
My mother in law,
Two sister in laws,
Quack to this degree
Sun, Venus and North Node.
They systematically form
To plan a duck attack.
All unite....
Like ducks flying across the sky.
The new destination,
To bring down my partner and my relationship.
THEIR brood...
Live on the pond
Anyone entering,
Adheres to the rules
The unspoken duck code
Mother duck provides the voice for the squabbling attack
The ducklings waddle behind,
Repeating the song they have heard.
If you go to a pond and step on any ducks
They attack first
Ask questions later.
My South Node 21 Scorpio
A Hunter Starting Out For Ducks!!!!...
As you can imagine
I was not welcome.
Moon 21 Aquarius
Children Playing Safely On A Mat
North Node 21 Taurus
White Dove Over Troubled Waters
21 Leo
The Carrier Pigeon,
- leg of this T square was pretty much quacked down and muted,
regardless of the truth.
The brood
Riddled with
Paedophilia and
sexual indiscretions.
But Apparently,
I was the problem,
with my truth telling,
about their pond.
The father had never been taken to trial,
All could be hidden in the sleepy old pond of Ducksville...
None of them agreed,
But it was too much to face the shadow of their murky pond.
The father had died,
Someone needed to replace the projection The anger
That was fired up within the waters of the pond.
Out the quacking ducks came,
How dare you speak to us like that!
Quack quack quack.
It lived within them,
But had always remained silent, as the father had been the alpha duck.
All quacked together,
With a choir of angry words
All projected at me.
To mask the brood's fractures.
Drowned out, my voice.
Amongst the ducks and its brood.
It was irrelevant that no-one had spoken to my partner for 3 years,
When they did communicate,
It was how to keep him silent
about the abuse within the pond.
The dove could see the troubled waters,
The un- safety of the mat in which her unconscious inner child could play.
So she retreated from the pond reluctantly, As the hunter relished the song.
Her journey...
Was not the hunt,
But the dove.
Finally her huntress was keeping her arrows For her morning serenade.
The carrier pigeon had spoken,
The mission accomplished
The ducks would return to their murky pond and continue on their lives, feeling justified with their attack.


(Ducks have a hierarchy in which the most alpha duck is the only one permitted to vocalise.
This is what was happening within this family of women whom have joined together through abuse.
The abuse is now held as a badge of honour and even when there is no threat, the subconscious is still mistrusting of any outside influence.
Power comes from shutting down anyone outside the flock, whom is unaware of the dynamics working within the group.
The girls have tried to coax their brother, son and brother in law back with guilt, shame, expressions of love and anger.
I was the outsider and they were establishing the new pecking order.
My experience with this symbol is one of cohesion, when first looking, it appears harmless enough, of course ducks are not known for their aggressive behaviour, as say the hunting of an eagle.
On the outside the pond and brood is quite calm and peaceful looking, it's only when one tries to become part of the flock that the trouble begins.
As this symbol is on the cardinal cross of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra...
It for me seems to involve Hierarchies (Capricorn), Families (Cancer), Relationships (Libra) and The individual (Aries).
Always be wary of a duck flock!)

Apr 13, 2020
by: IFM

One of the loveliest and most life-heartening things I have ever seen was a mother duck with her ducklings, coming in the spring to have a nibble of corn or bread. All is new (Aries).. People told me that these Ivery common) ducks were considered pests and overbred (too many of them). The people who lived around the lake (a pond in Vermont is a small lake) sometimes seemed to feel they know best about everything. People from the nearby college , professors of biology, told me that I ought to stop feeding them. aFter all, I was not a renter, I was now going to be at the pond for a while, in my own little yellow house like a duckling's fuzz, and I ought to do what they all do (I'm sure I saw some feeding the ducks). But he powerful pull of life called me back to feed the mom and the baby ducks again. I could not, in that moment, be concerned with the whole picture, the general picture. I could only be concerned with th e immediate and personal, the urge (Mars) to BE (Aries). The beauty of existence. I don't know if my feeding the ducks make a difference. The lady who lent me her house on that beautiful pond and made it possible for me to come there to begin with threw them bread. There is a truth of the scientific and there is a truth of the desire to live and to encourage things, individuals, to live....

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