Aries 3-4 Two Lovers Strolling Through A Secluded Walk

<tt>Lovers by a Tree 6125047818 via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

Lovers by a Tree 6125047818 via Wikimedia Commons

I had a dream about this once, and in dream symbols, I understood this meant that I finally loved myself, so I could allow more love into my waking life by learning to accept self-love subconsciously. It's true what they say, if you don't love yourself, how can you love someone else? I find that the "secluded walk" part of this symbol apt, because it is indicating a somewhat solitary journey, which I feel resonates with Aries (force of one's personality, "it's all about me").

A friend of mine has her Earth on this degree (earthly mission? dharma?). There are at least two layers to this degree for her:
1/ She was told by a psychic many years ago that her husband needed to be as far away from his family as possible. Unfortunately she never told him this, and they moved back to his hometown before having their first child. She was resistant to his idea to move back, and now feels that suffering in her life relates to his family's lack of boundaries (and aren't we all learning about boundaries, all the time?!?!) She also says that before any (and there are many) family gathering, she can feel his stress and anxiety developing. She has pulled oracle cards about her husband in this town and she got the Hostility card, which she said was accurate regarding other people's energy toward him. This degree resonates with her regarding the couple in a secluded place, far away from the rest of his family.

2/ My friend is Korean. I read a book about plane crashes many years ago, and it said that Korean airlines historically had a high rate of crashes (in fact most Asian airlines compared to Western ones) due to the fact that the Korean culture was very hierarchical, deferential to superiors/elders and the onus is on the listener to listen. Compared to the West, there is more "pushiness", and the onus is on the speaker to be heard. For example, a junior pilot who notices something wrong in the cockpit, was more likely to mention it once but then stay silent, trusting the senior pilot, if he was Asian in an Asian airline. In the same situation, a Western junior pilot was more likely to ensure the senior pilot responded to his concern, and be satisfied that the concern was being addressed. Because of these cultural differences affecting the safety of the airlines, the Korean airlines decided that all pilots would speak English while working.
In my friend's work situation, as well as domestically, she is frustrated with her boundaries being crossed however has not asserted herself "enough" in this Western culture to ensure she is heard. I wonder if this degree is about integrating her Korean and English-speaking parts of herself so that she experiences happiness within her boundaries? They say that the positive of selfishness is that you define boundaries - if we don't have boundaries then we become off-balance - however selfishness is often judged negatively. All things have a value, and to use certain energies in a way that works for us is where the skill lies. And what is selfishness but a form of that most essential of energies: self-love?

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

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