Cancer 14-15 A Group Of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It

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Aaah, the good things in life! Why not enjoy physical pleasures while we are here? Every now and then it is fun to share a huge banquet with people, and that is why we have institutions such as Christmas, and religious breaking-the-fast feasts.

A friend of mine (no, not Pam below) has her Sun in this degree. Yes, she is overweight, and not exactly trying to diet! She is more than happy to enjoy the good things in life with me! And I love our friendship!

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Cancer karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Many thanks!

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Jan 08, 2016
Venus conjunct Mars 14 - 15 Cancer
by: Pam

Venus conjunct Mars 14 -15 Cancer (A group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it)
This symbol has played out continuously throughout my 49 years. Eating and enjoyment of food has been embedded in my families consciousness since I can remember.
My mother and grandmother continually cooking at home, talking about food, recipes, celebrations days etc etc.
Mum complaining endlessly that my father eat too much, me if I was on one of the many teenage diet fads that was going round, would be told I was apparently anorexic and needed to fatten up. My brother never having sandwiches, he had to have crumbed schnitzel or a hot meal, rather than be subjected to the horror of the common peanut butter sandwich.
Our meals over the decades changed from the meat, eggs, chips and 3 veg that life started with, to include curries, spices, pasta and pizza.
There was overindulgence on festive occasions, with many a night ending in the bathroom around the toilet bowl.
My mothers Sun is 14 Capricorn (many toys in the children's ward at the hospital) opposing my venus/mars conjunction (4th house),as you can imagine christmas was the big event, lots of toys and lots of food!
By the end of it I would be totally stuffed, and in fact I enjoyed boxing day more as it was more relaxed and I could digest the onslaught of consuming food and gifts. This tradition continued in my own family structure for many years, consumption of food, tinsel, toys, alcohol, presents that was a never ending cycle.
Lots of things bought and consumed to be either ‘purged', enjoyed or left as land fill for future generations.
My heritage was that of ancestors whom worked hard and the luxuries of life were rare.
My mother and father won the lottery and that helped change that culture to a more indulgent life style. It was like I can imagine, Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory.
I can equate to all the characters in that story as I’m sure we all can. This movie perhaps is an example of Cancer 14 degrees. The sudden introduction of fast everything, from buying toys to christmas trees, lollies, drinks etc etc.
Over time, this charge has slowly decreased to a more balanced way of consuming. The transformation of this way of living started when I as 42, following my divorce. My partners family were as over the top with functions and consuming as my family.
I felt like I was on a train out of control, between the shopping for food, presents, wrapping paper, christmas decorations, carols and social events, I decided I hated christmas,easter, birthdays, anything that involved overindulgence for the sake of the collectives pressure to perform.
My first big change was "I didn’t buy a christmas tree", which of course made me feel guilty as a mother (Cancer). My daughter said "but I want a christmas tree"! Her venus is 14 capricorn, which conjuncts my mothers sun and opposes my venus/mars. They were both opposed to the treeless christmas, but I just couldn’t buy one.
To satisfy her ideal each year I bought her varying small white christmas trees (a candle, a painted white branch, a grow your own christmas tree), which she then decided she found interesting.
Now my mother doesn’t put a tree up either, she finally admitted she was over it too!
The celebration has become more stream lined and I tend to have foods I don’t have any other time of the year. Each year is different now and even though there is plenty to eat and drink, its not the frenzy of consuming I used to feel. My main decoration is a wooden nativity and the rest are made in the week before christmas.
I become anxious with over consumption now and will dream that I have eaten too much. Its like a nightmare. I am average weight and still love to eat and indulge but try to listen to my body to tell me when I have had my quota.
I work as a nurse and in this job I have noticed our main illnesses are created by this degree,(it is the sun sign of the USA which is not surprising, the land of dreams)
Overindulgence seems to be societies way of coping with the pace of life now. Maybe on a subconscious level, its a way of survival, overindulge while you can as you never know when a famine will arrive.
As many Australian and Americans came to these lands from generations of people, during the potato famines etc, looking for a better way of life, I wonder in our genetic structures if this is operating on a subliminal level. My own ancestors came during this period.
This degree for me is about choice and balance.
As this degree is on my Venus, the dynamic between giving and receiving is constantly at play, coupled with what is valuable in my life.
Venus conjuncts Mars 14 Cancer, so for myself its about the balance between when to take action and when to rest.
The "group" dynamic, plays out as the interactions between people and also the relationship with yourself and the balance of energies living within the confines of your personality. Overeating or ‘consuming' can be enjoyable if the substances you are consuming are healthy for your mind, body and soul. Otherwise we can be left feeling depleted, unwell and ready for a "purge".
On the topic of purging, I think a good "clean out" of your attitudes, lifestyles, thoughts and physical surroundings is a necessary component of transformation.
At times we need to overindulge, to bring to physical fruition our spiritual realities.
Living with "groups",sharing lifestyles and homes (4th house) with others has been a challenge for me to keep in balance. Often I am the person becoming the most unbalanced in my house, as I seem to be the most sensitive to this vibration.

Jan 11, 2016
I really enjoyed reading this!
by: Bek

Haha Pam, I felt like I was right there gorging myself with you! Thanks so much for bringing this experience to us, and I am sorry that the price you had to pay was overindulgence for decades ;D :)
It's like we get to live vicariously without having to go through the pain. I wonder if that is essentially the point of sharing our stories :)

Anyway how do you know that the sun sign of the USA is this one? Pleeease let us know! (and it make sense too.)

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