Cancer 2-3 A Man All Bundled Up In Fur Leading A Shaggy Deer

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My brother-in-law has this symbol as his Midheaven (reputation, how society views you). He related a story about how the union representatives at his workplace were very thug-like and emotional and had no idea of how to work with managers, or even any idea about the law relating to union activities. For example, going on strike without giving enough notice to the business (so that they can inform suppliers, customers, the wider community about possible disruptions) is actually illegal. At one particular meeting the union representatives were influencing the crowd into a strike. My brother-in-law put his hand up during a pause, near the end of the meeting and said "Can anyone and their family survive with no pay for at least 6 weeks? Because that is what you are being asked to do." Nobody put their hand up, and the strike didn't go ahead.
My brother-in-law, who wears rugby shorts, unkempt beard and thongs all year round showed me that at his work he clearly helps lead a group of uninformed people through the dangerous environment of union politics. To me, this indicates a type of effective leadership.

I know someone who has Saturn on this degree. This is the man who cheated on his wife for 10 years. For all of his marriage, his wife underwent a lot of therapy and counselling and tried to get him to commit to marriage counselling too. He was not interested in learning anything more about his emotional or spiritual state. As much as she tried to help him, he was blocked for 10 years in personal development. He did not change at all in 10 years. As Saturn is the planet of karmic lessons and blocks and restrictions, it is in this degree that he has had his lesson. She found out he cheated and now they are divorcing. His wife tells me that if he had changed at all, even to do the dishes or put the laundry on or even talk to her about his childhood demons, she might have had hope for their future. But after 10 years of no change in a partnership of bad marriage, and then finding out she was betrayed, she had to divorce him. He is now undergoing his greatest life lesson, and unfortunately having a hard time of it. I don't wish him any ill, I only wish that if he was open to any form of counselling or astrology I could tell him that this was something he needed to go through as it was in his natal karma, and he chose exactly the perfect person to marry. He could look at the experience with Higher Self knowledge. However, this degree means that I may be wasting my time!

Now it's your turn, share your experiences of this Cancer energy!
Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Jan 31, 2016
The role thrust upon me within my partner's family
by: Ariel

Generational perfection
If its not spoken
Then it didn’t happen
A hydrogen bomb.
Seeking a target
When there is none there to find.
Who am I?
This vision of someone else
This frustration of not living life
This frustration of confusion
The boredom of himself
I understand this moment
But it is not me this time
He has his own demons to fight.

Nov 21, 2020
by: JD

My Venus is here, (7th house) sextile an 8th house moon/mars/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. I’ve talked people down from suicide more than once, and both of my husbands went from minimum wage jobs to six figure incomes within five years.

I have an inherent ability to bring out the best in people by accepting them at their worst. I never ask anyone to do better, but convince them that they can. People want to please me - they interpret even the slightest sign of annoyance as absolute earthshaking rage and do whatever they can to avoid it. People need me to like them.

Sometimes this is to my detriment - people tend to perceive mere observations as mandates or criticism - we moved houses in the winter, and when the first hot day came our bedroom was warm - I said "oh, I forgot this house doesn’t have ceiling fans," and my husband interpreted it as commentary about his failure to install them, which was absolutely inaccurate.

People, especially partners, tend to release their agency and default to my command, which is confusing because I’m not at all controlling, and I never pick men who would want to be controlled. They just assume that I know better than they do, and often abstain from acting on anything that I didn’t specifically request. The fear of disapproval leads to inaction, thus I bear the burden of absolute responsibility in my relationships. It’s frustrating, but I recognize the pattern and know it’s what I’m meant to experience in this incarnation.

I know I could easily flip the dynamic, but nine times out of ten, I’ll take inaction due to fear of disapproval over action due to need of approval, at least in my personal relationships.

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