Cancer 8-9 A Tiny Nude Miss Reaching In The Water For A Fish

<tt>The Nautilus Fairy by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite</tt>

The Nautilus Fairy by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

While the interpreted keyword for this symbol was "Inclination", the image I get is of someone innocently reaching for what they simply need.
Do you know that very young children think they are wonderful, and are able to survive better when lost in a forest because they rest when they are tired, eat when they are hungry, and explore their environment? They don't think they are lost, they think their parents are lost, because the young children know exactly where they are. (We lose that way of thinking when we reach around 7 years old, when we start to learn to panic and exhaust ourselves finding our way back when "we" are lost.)

What a lovely reminder of our essential inner child, that knows what s/he needs!

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Cancer karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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May 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

I recently picked this degree in an oracle, regarding a small story I wrote about a young man looking for his direction in life:
Something that would make his heart sing with joy.

It is relevant as the image feels like that of a child innocently reaching into the subconscious and unknown for answers to her plaguing question "Who am I? and why am I here?"
The fish being the answer. In a way like Alice "falling down the rabbit hole"
Water is known for its association with intuition and dreams.
The image for me suggests merging with our intuition to capture the fish. To let go of the realm in which we are comfortable and merge with some unknown part of ourselves.
Interestingly my story is about a boy while I’m actually female, so perhaps I was trying to understand my passionate male self, which for woman can sometimes be off-putting.
We have vague feelings and emotions which we find difficult at times to explain in concrete terms, leaving them as rubbish for the heap, when in fact, if we just went with them a little way, they may open up a whole new world.
As children, (Bek says) we will try anything and not be particularly concerned whether we can or cannot do it well.
The story of The Great Moostachio was one such event for me. I have never dreamt of writing and given the accolades to my brother and others, whom were imaginative with words and phrases. Then one day I thought I am going to try and write a short story. The result, Moostachio, which my family and I still laugh about.
The story itself is not particularly mind-blowing or winning of a literacy award, but all the same we all really enjoy it. The world of words has since opened up and provided a fresh fish to digest and enjoy.

My moustache,
Light me the way
The Great Moostachio
One darkened, stormy night

Be courageous
Share your Moustache
In the,
Taking over the world!
It whispered through the air

He sat
Pondering Moustaches,
Through his parlour’s porthole
The light and movement
Almost too much for him to bear

Pronouncing suddenly,
What a Magnificent Moustache!
Arresting passerbys

To him,
They became
To be born
Sang to them
Chatted to them
Loved them
Rocked them
Listened, to
Their crazy Moustache days
not a hair would

My crazy Mmmmoussstttacchhh they would complain to him

He would soothingly say
Your Moustache is
Full of life
Full of laughter
Full of love

Giuseppe realised he was a Moustache Master from his father’s line
"When you roar your dreams
Every lock of your Moustache should tingle,
Is how dreams are born"
His father would command

he knew
The love
Of the enchanting Moustaches came from his mother
Always adoring
The way the sunlight shone from his father’s extravagant MOOSTACHERIO!!!!!
No Moustache was too crazy for her to admire

She would croon
WORDS of love
WORDS of joy
WORDS of fun

And sometimes words of warning!
of course,
you are on holiday
of a
Fabulous Moustache

How many needed a moustache chiffonier?
Was his infamous question

Glorious moustache connoisseurs
Thundered the answer
That's when his unique business of moustaching began..

The passion of his dream lying
within his very own moustache
Waiting for his breath
The Dream of His Life.

May your moustaches always be happy!

May 14, 2016
It's no moustake!
by: Bek

Hey I really enjoyed your story! :D

I had no idea what this degree meant but reading your perspective allows me to kick some ideas around - thank you!

For me one idea is that we may feel tiny and humble, but at any time can reach for a prize like a fish or an entertaining story :)

It's like how in history people used to perceive their talents as an external 'genius' at work that visited but did not live inside them. The "gifted" ones would just show up to "work" and pursue the physical activity of the craft (writing, sculpture etc) and in so doing would open up the channel for the genius to visit. This is such a comforting perception of talent, as you do not have to have high expectations of your repeat performances or to "live up" to expectations, it's just luck whether the genius visits you!

So it is with the Little Miss reaching - without reaching she cannot catch the fish. Without watching and dreaming the Great Moostachio cannot perceive his passions and desires.

Just an idea though, thank you for the inspiration :)

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