Capricorn 11-12 A Student Of Nature Lecturing

<tt>An American Indian Medicine Man</tt>

An American Indian Medicine Man

I clicked on an oracle about someone , at my meditation group, and she is a pharmacist. While she often goes to Buddhist retreats and follows the Dalai Lama, she researches the effects of our physical processes on our well-being (for example: what stress does to the body, such as restricts breathing, which then restricts oxygen to the brain, which prevents us finding creative solutions etc). She often has useful information about our body's reactions and what we can do to help our own healing.
She also is interested when we discuss psychology, which is not her main sphere of research, and she takes it all in. We live in a multi-layered reality - the biological, emotional, spiritual, and they are connected but they are not each other. At our meditation nights we all teach each other about aspects of all three, as students of life.

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Jun 25, 2022
South Node 11° Capricorn North Node 11° Cancer
by: Anonymous

I went to college to study chemistry. In graduate school my focus was heavily on biological chemistry. (South Node 11° Capricorn). I gave up a career in chemistry to become a mother. To my surprise, I turned out to be an attachment parent, bed sharing, extended breastfeeding type. My family said of my daughter when she was born that she was such an old soul and as a young child she would often drop little pearls of wisdom that seemed to come from nowhere. As a young teen now, she has a strong sense of self and a solid moral compass. (North Node Cancer 11°)

Dec 11, 2022

by: Bek

Yes! My two children reflect their individual personalities very similar to the energy I embodied at the time I was pregnant with them. This is a lesson in loving all the different aspects of myself that are expressed in them. I also make it clear that I treat them differently because they are different people with different needs (and their north node influences my parenting). However, as I have my own likes and dislikes I also try to do my inner work so that I am open to what they are teaching me, and they aren't disadvantaged by my preferences, being so different. Of course there are core values that I impose upon my children too. But yes, I love that you mention this, how strong we can embody an energy in pregnancy and as a family.

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