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A New Moon Divides its Influences - The Great Stone Face - Dew in the Morning

The New "Great Stone Face” blesses the night sky
and Revered
The eternal guardian,
Comfort, to an age past
For now,
Knowing the time is near
The dawn has arisen
Morning dew awakened
the "long night of the soul”
An exhalation of breath
Change, the Eternal constant.

The “ Great Stone Face” has been our constant companion, watching over us for eons. We have dedicated prayers, images and ceremonies to our inner wise Lunar Grandmother and her energies are incorporated within the fabric of who we are.

Perhaps this is reflected in our versions of our maternal grandmothers, which in turn are a reflection of our souls image of the great eternal Grandmother.

Both my grandmothers died when I was under 7, therefore I had no lucid recollection of either of them. Both were named May, so in turn I named my daughter Hannah May (which then unbeknownst to me: Hannah means grandmother).
The age the pair of them died was 66, my mother developed chronic fatigue at 66 and I was born on 1966.
My mother had held that grief for years until her children grew enough so that she could express this through an exhausting illness (chronic fatigue), that encouraged her to sit with her sadness, as she was physically unable to distract herself with life anymore.
Maybe I have been searching for a grandmother throughout my life, subconsciously. My own daughter is very close to my mother, they share the same degrees on varying planets and adore each other.
Native American stories and myths, with regards to life, nature and wisdom attract my attention and have remained on my bookshelf when many others have long since vanished.
The traditional all inclusive themes that are repeated in these texts create an atmosphere of peace in this new, fast and superficial world in which we currently live.
Insignificant events are given significance throughout these cultures, birds and animals become spiritual messages and actions are thought about in regards to future legacies of their families and the world in which we reside.

My favourite book is “The 13 Original Clan Mothers” by Jamie Sams. It describes your sacred path to discovering the gifts, talents and abilities of the feminine through the Ancient Teachings of Sisterhood. It revolves around the 'moon and its cycles' as a connection to our earthly cycles.
Whilst reading this book, it was like I was living at that time, a parallel life to the words. I was receiving gifts and messages prior to reading the pages and having insights which then would match the print. Life was showing me that I am connected to all I see and hear.
When I was young I brought back a Native American doll with a baby on it's back, from Disneyland, it sits in my room (and I am not a real doll person, most of my dolls when I was young were either nude or painted all over, but she is fully dressed and in pristine condition) I imagine this is due mainly to my mother as she caringly looked after her.
This christmas my daughter bought me a bracelet with the phases of the moon around it, which I loved.
The older I am the more interested in dreams, intuition and impressions I have become. Gazing at the moon at night seems to enhance dream states and insights piece together gradually to form a picture, like a structure that is finally given colour.
In most astrology books and esoteric traditions, the moon is given the rulership of the past, the mother, family, home life and emotional well being.
I enjoy the past and its recollections and as my Sun is in Leo (dew in the morning), the essence of these past events mould my existence today.
The idea of “cutting the chords” in modern healing techniques I find difficult and near impossible, not because I have had the perfect upbringing with nil problems, but because those memories are my building blocks and I feel I need to understand them, not disconnect.
The Sun has one phase, and is shrouded only when clouds are present. I equate this with tears, and until they are shed about any experience which gives you pain then the sun cannot shine so brightly.
The moon has many phases connected to the Earth, (the new moon, crescent moon, full moon, waxing and waning moon, etc etc)…tides and rhythms of the emotional life are connected to these phases.
If the emotional life is troubled the reflection of the suns rays is hindered, hence our own light becomes dimmed, tears unshed.
Ignoring our sadnesses and grief, only sets our evolution back and continues to disconnect us from the world.
Anti-depressants are on the rise in the west, as our shadow selves are left to fester in the darkened corners of the psyche. Hospitals on full moon nights are renowned for the increase in emotional and mental disorders coming through the door.
Often these people are searching for some type of understanding of their issues, and a pill is not the answer. The problem remains to grow larger as time moves on, and as astrologers know, when that "big transit” appears, it is forced out of the cupboard and into the light of day. Either medication is “upped” or we decide to acknowledge what change is needed to bring us back into balance.
Our personal emotional life feeds and nurtures our soul, enhancing our spirit with a quality to express who we essentially are as individuals.
As the saying goes “sunshine always follows rain”, even if at times the storms seem never-ending.
Everything changes, that is the nature of our existence, the "dharma of life”. Very much like the “the Great Stone Face” watching over us...


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