A Flag That Turns into an Eagle that Crows - Men Cutting Through Ice - A New Continent:

The Mother land
A place from ones birth
Blood allegiances
What is the moment of no return
When bonds dissolve?
We all have this moment,
beyond the glamour of unconditional love,
Moments of forgetfulness
become clarity of thought
Forgivable pretend
becomes stains on your hands
A blind eye
A deaf ear
Now drown your spirit into a
crystallised form.
We wonder
How long have we operated in these
Dream-like states?
Numb to the cries
of the child within,
Hidden matters forging
unrest in the soul.
Unsure and darkened
We wait
Who will take our hand
Lead us back
to our self?
Who has been here before
When all is darkened...
Beyond the overgrown path
of familial bonds.
Lucifer "the bright one"
There to greet us after the endless night.
To a continent born of oneself.
A new dawn,
Dissolving the family flag,
Cutting through the ice
of our hardened hearts.


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Mar 23, 2016
Amazing Poem!!
by: Bek

My friend above has truly condensed their experiences into an amazing poem. Thank you!

A note to visitors who haven't had the experience my friend has written about above:

My friend and I have had several conversations about the meaning of Lucifer. I am not an etymologist but she and I both speak several languages between us, and we think of Lucifer as having latin roots that mean "clear or light (Luci)/ iron or fire (fer)". So we try to make sense of this name, and visited the story of the fallen angel that has been attributed evil. In fact, if you believe in light, there is no evil, but the shadow that light creates. Another friend of mine is of the Ba'h'ai faith and she says that "hell" is just being further from God, and in fact, they do not believe in hell. When you are away from God, it is cold, and if you are within God's reach of love, it is warm. She also says that there are no Ba'h'ai clergy because nobody needs a middleman between themselves and God...

The story of Lucifer generally is about an Angel that questions God, and eventually because he challenges God he is thrown out of heaven and commands the fires of hell. In my discussions with my friend, I don't understand why questioning something is considered evil (I wonder if this was a twisted story to discourage questioning of the status quo that had religious and wealthy leaders keeping the masses in line, all those centuries ago), considering that progress of humanity in technology, spirituality, morality, emotions, physiognomy etc are all based on curiosity, testing and trial and error. As a scientist, questioning is one of the pillars of the Scientific Method: testing the hypothesis.

Lucifer can be considered the metaphor for experience of life in that we have "trials by fire" where life will strip us of our masks and ego in order to purify ourselves to our essence. What angel would ask us to do that if they did not endure the lake of fire too? In fact, Lucifer is in charge of the crucible where change happens, due to catalysis. Think of alchemy.

If you are familiar with the idea of "you can't take it with you" when you die, or that "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the gates of heaven" then we think of Lucifer as the one who helps us get rid of our baggage so we can enter the gates. Like a gatekeeper. Maybe the gates are only so big, and your massive ego won't be able to fit through?! So in fact, rather than being evil, Lucifer just represents change that can be quite painful as the process is about burning away our attachments to masks or trappings we over-identify with. I actually feel sorry for this guy who has to listen to the screams of the souls that are over-attached to their baggage - have you ever immunised a baby? Times that by infinity! I believe in a compassionate universe and therefore try to reimagine an old myth into a more compassionate, albeit tough-love, approach.

Remember, with fire and heat and pressure come resilience and strength - it's how diamonds are formed :) just like this poem :) :)

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