Leo 1-2 An Epidemic Of Mumps

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My friend Alice has her experience below:
Mercury 1’ Leo (An Epidemic of Mumps)

This symbol has many layers contained in it for me. The main theme being one of Intuition balanced with Science.
As a child I remember having the mumps, with the warm towel wrapped around my sore, swollen neck. I suffered often also, with tonsillitis on and off throughout my childhood.
As a babe apparently my uncle claimed "does this child make any noise?".
Obviously there has been congestion around my communication area from prior lives, perhaps I was either very scientific or relied too much on intuition,(probably the latter as science was never my strong suit at school or uni). One employer said to me "we don’t know how you come to your conclusions", I said neither do I.
Speaking up has been a constant challenge throughout my life. My Mercury is retrograde in the 5th house, I have never been good with facts and figures, or had a retentive memory. Absorption of information seems to happen when I am learning anything new, if I enjoy the topic it is like a virus, it takes my mind over.
Then all of a sudden, as if an "unexpected thunderstorm" (Aquarius 2’) has arrived, all the pieces of the puzzle come together.
This can cause complete frustration if I can’t completely explain the knowledge which I have as it can look as though I am not understanding, so again I become blocked (like the mumps).
Part of my work now, is vaccinating children against these common diseases, (Interestingly, mercury is in the 5th house of children). I do realise there have been problems originally in the development of vaccines, but the vaccines that are distributed now undergo stringent pharmaceutical guidelines.
When people choose not to vaccinate, this is their prerogative, unfortunately much of the time these parents/people are ill-informed and naive to the dangers of the illnesses which the vaccines have been developed for. The vaccination process works on a "herd" theory which for those small amount of children whom cannot be vaccinated are then protected.
Interestingly, one of the main complaints is that of ADHD and Autism especially from the MMR (Measle Mumps Rubella) vaccine given at 18 months, just when children are realising that they have a voice and can say NO!
Parents are often happy to administer drugs for the ADHD, but not in favour of vaccination.
These diseases are not always a harmless childhood 1 week illness; the after effects can be left with the person indefinitely.
Mumps was one of the major causes of deafness in children.
Vaccination is about providing memory to the body so as it doesn’t contract a disease, similar to when a live virus is caught by the body naturally.
The idea being that the experience of that disease is not contracted.

Mercury trines Saturn conjunct Chiron in my 1st house, which could relate to the raising of children (5th house), which I have spent so far 21 years doing.
As parents (Saturn) we would like to communicate all the pitfalls of life to our offspring, especially the personal (1st), painful ones (Chiron) but at times they need to experience these things for themselves, so as they develop their own immunity and memory cells.
My eldest son once said to me, when he was going camping in the rain, "maybe I want that experience". So sometimes we need to be deaf (the mumps)to the growing up process of our children’s lives.
When, like vaccination, they are ready for advice, they will usually come to you, and using mindfulness, rather than infecting them with your experience, is a balancing act.
This could be spread to others in my life, whenever I don’t enjoy something I have to be aware that others sometimes need that experience to complete their personal journeys.
As they say "knowing which fish to fry" or "which virus to take hold".

I do like communicating and spreading ideas of change, also doing the same thing over and over is something that I am drawn to, just as a virus multiplies again and again.
This symbol has many layers contained in it for me.
The main theme being one of Intuition balanced with Science.
As well as releasing my thoughts (mercury) in a controlled way, just as the vaccination process is done with the collective. As vaccination is a relatively new medicine against collective illnesses, this is a clue to any new thoughts I may have, that they may not all be welcomed and boost my already fragile ego lol!( Sun 9’ leo conjunct Mercury 1’ Leo in the 5th house).
Broaching subjects such as astrology in a very scientific medical system is at times, a frustrating challenge. (The Mumps). As is explaining immunisation to a non-conforming naturalist. Sometimes when things become an epidemic, then an "individual" is listened to, when perhaps prior to this event their advice had fallen on deaf ears.
Activists and non - conformists (the mumps) are always needed in a society so as to keep humanity evolving. Whether you want to hear it or not, like the virus, sometimes life just exposes you to someone or something that upsets your status quo. If you have heard it before and acquired immunity then perhaps you don’t need to immerse yourself in this epidemic, but if not reach for the warm towel and chicken soup.
Listening, commonality and discovery seem to be the keywords for me and this symbol.

Now it's your turn to share your experiences of this Leo karma!
Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Many thanks!

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by: Anonymous

I feel very connected to the collective via this degree, and react in ways that are instinctive to social waves and tremors. Strangely when I had the mumps as a kid I remember it as a time when I was given the attention I wanted. I see it as a need to belong even if you have to get infected by the social epidemic, not really a good thing but it does explain the desperate Leo need for acceptance.

The collective experience!
by: Bek

Hello fellow seeker!
thank you for sharing your perspective :)

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