Libra 10-11 A Professor Peering Over His Glasses

<tt>Carl Spitzweg 033 via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

Carl Spitzweg 033 via Wikimedia Commons

I have Pluto on this degree. I have a few theories of what this might mean: that I have been some kind of mentor to younger people in many workplaces I've been in (army instructor, geologist training graduates, course tutor and demonstrator at university) and my style of "teaching" has evolved as I've learned more about people, and through teaching, I've learned about and evolved myself personally. I have finished a training qualification and my teacher called me to let me know that I should pursue training as a career. So this is the signpost to a new life, a second incarnation.

As I continue to develop personally, I find more layers to this degree. As a sensitive person, it has been a lifetime of learning about boundaries and how to preserve my energy and not take on others' energies. The professor has glasses as a boundary - that life is easier to absorb when there is a protective lens to view it.

I also note the professor is observing, while being a professor. The professor has taken time to observe, to learn, while on the path of teaching or being the expert. This reminds me that as far we may evolve and know, there is much more to learn, and in order to teach we still need to observe and learn.

So putting together these last ideas, I am more effective a teacher when I am learning, and also with "distance" ie not emotional - because I can't distract people with my emotions or they won't get the message they need, and to respect the other person as having something for me to learn too.

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