Libra 4-5 A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge

by Pam

<tt>Jahangir with sufi by Bichitr via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

Jahangir with sufi by Bichitr via Wikimedia Commons

An Excerpt From A Life In Progress.

The day:
Had lunch,

For those interested
A tuna salad sandwich from one shop with a potato scallop from another shop, which the guy that sold the scallop to me said "oh sorry I burnt it, it will take 30 seconds to cook you another",
My reply, "its ok it doesn’t look too bad"
Yes it was burnt but it was not too bad, mixed in with the tuna salad.

So I mosey on down back to work,
Past the vagabond smoking,
and the preacher preaching.
One I hate smoking,
and two I hate preaching,
The latter being the biggest hate.
The vagabond barely noticed I walked past and the preacher attempted to hand me a small biblical pamphlet, with his normal disinterested look.
I have had lunch many a time to the drone of his sermons, about the saviour and the sins of man, which amusingly the darkened chimney character beside him identically portrayed the exact result of the sins he painted each week.
Both these characters were speaking in undertones, to get their messages across.
Funnily enough I see these guys every week, yet I wonder: do I blur into the crowd for them.
Do they go home, wherever home is and say,
'This girl eats tuna salad sandwiches every day and today guess what she bought a half burnt scallop as a side order'..?
How does this relate to my life?
I imagine not.
If I see them, do they recognise me?
Probably not,
After the act of the encore, do we all go back stage and take our costumes off and say "lets go for a drink to the local pub"?
That’s the real question?
When do the masks come off?
Maybe life is a mask,
and that’s the great illusion:
the thought that one day you will take it off,
when in fact
the point of life is to live through the experience of the mask
And love every moment with the knowing that underneath the mask we are all the same.

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