Libra 6-7 A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From The Hawks

Rural Employment by John Russell (Public Domain)

Rural Employment by John Russell (Public Domain)

I have both Mars and Mercury on this degree. For a short while I went through a discovery of a past life where I had lost a young sister, and I feel that my connection to children is very strong because of an intense suffering due to this loss. I feel I have been driven to protect and teach children and this is manifested in this symbol. Right now I am trying to help my daughter guide herself to make choices that suit her regarding her friendships at school. I know that one day she will "fly the coop" and will have to fend for herself, so I try to coach her to listen to her gut feelings and her own sense of what is right and wrong for her, as well as guide her practically.
At the moment this symbol is a gift to me, however I am starting to move away from this as I realise that everyone is on their own journey, and though I can do my best to protect and guide children, I have to let go of the outcome and remember that teachers rarely get feedback as to whether the students have taken in the teachings. Since life is an energy exchange, we can only give so much before we feel depleted, which is why it is important to make sure that when we give, we get some kind of energy back - whether it is appreciation or enjoyment or something else.

I also have a sense of the deeper lesson where the outward "protecting and teaching" Mars and Mercury combination of this symbol I have can be interpreted as the projection of my inner state. That is, I need to learn to protect and teach my own vulnerable inner child, and when I am generous with others, to make sure I am not exploited or taken advantage of (something that has happened a few times before). I have to learn to nourish myself emotionally and have boundaries for others.

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