Libra 9-10 A Canoe Approaching Safety Through Dangerous Waters

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A friend of mine has Mars on this degree which is supposed to manifest as a drive and action towards this symbol. Well I had an experience with her that appears to make this true.
So background:
She moved her with her husband kind of against her wishes, and now must deal with his family and extended family who she doesn't feel any connection with at all. So she is quite resentful of her husband's decision to live here as she feels he did not consider her feelings at all.
Anyhooo, she works full time for a mine as an accountant and had also struggled with the workplace politics there, as well as dirty tricks by management (she is a senior so she is in-the-know about what they're up to) and some fraudulent activity that people have tried to get past her. So she literally doesn't like (she would say hate) what she sees all around her.

Recently I went to do a course with a local wise-woman, who is teaching me so many things about the energies of the universe, about souls. There I learnt to use a pendulum (in this case any old tea-bag) to get a yes/no answer from energy to my questions. (A pendulum is also used to find out the sex of birds, ask anyone who is into birds and they'll tell you that using the pendulum is the only way to find out!)
So I learnt to calibrate my tea-bag by asking the teabag to show me a yes, then I got a movement (sideways swing), then to show me a no (I got back and forth swing), so any other movement means wrong question/ don't know/ none of your business. Every now and then I will recalibrate the pendulum to make sure the movements mean what I think they are. Anyway knowing my luck I bet my in-laws are going to find this "special" teabag that I got from my wisewoman, and I'll know when I see it's tag flapping over the rim of their cup of tea...
So in this talk about souls, one of the things we learned was to ask ourselves questions about whether we have any other souls attaching to us, so for example, a big one for me is that I had a Gatekeeper still attached to me. The Gatekeeper is there when we are born, and when we die, to help us move in and out of the angelic realms to experience life on earth, our playground and school. If you are ever on the spectrum of suicidal, to feeling "stuck", to bored, to "ho-hum living is whatever, just keep going until I die" to what I was feeling a year ago when I got my energy sucked out of me (because I gave it away): "nah, maybe I won't bother reincarnating next time". Basically yearning to go back to the angelic realms and not really committing to experiencing life on earth. Wishing we would rather be elsewhere and not finding the sweetness in life. So the Gatekeeper is hanging around us waiting for when we decide to leave life, oh and by the way, since you're likely to leave anytime, let's just cram a bit more of "experience" in while you're here. So life gets a bit hard because we are experiencing it more intensely with the supposed time we have left. (Some would say that suffering is the human experience, because suffering is not what happens in the angelic realms apparently) Frankly, I wanted to enjoy the sweetness of life so I wanted my Gatekeeper to go away. It is very simple to get rid of a Gatekeeper (after asking the pendulum if you have one) - just close your eyes and do a little meditation: where you see your Gatekeeper and thank them for their help, but you are committed to life on earth and they need to go back and leave you here. Then you imagine a bright light filling your whole body, all the cells and all the spaces between the cells, till the light floods your aura, and you say goodbye to the Gatekeeper and they are ushered gently away. If there are any other souls attached to you, with the light flooding through you just attach a huge arrow sign pointing up and tell the souls to go away to the "The Light" and then you will just be yourself :)

Anyway literally the hour I got back home after this course, my friend turns up on my doorstep for a random visit, but clearly I know it's her Higher Self asking me to get rid of her Gatekeeper. So I ask the pendulum, and yes, both her husband and herself have Gatekeepers! So they both do the meditation. I also asked the pendulum if my friend was a Soul Saviour, which is where souls will attach to you from certain groups because they're attracted to your light because you have their experience (this life or past). So my friend is a Soul Saviour attracting people who died of skin cancer and we realised a birthmark on her arm was actually a cancerous mole from a past life (pendulum confirmation). Interesting because she was always interested in working for the Cancer Council but it never happened. My neighbour is a Soul Saviour who attracts people who died of alcoholism, and her father was an alcoholic, and some of her closest friends she suspects are alcoholic. My soul group has changed from people who died of sleep deprivation (past life being tortured by KGB) to people who died as drivers in car accidents (and yes, I was a driver in a car accident this life, but thank goodness nobody died, although I still get thought-mares about it). It's very easy to get rid of these earth-bound souls - just do the Light meditation with an arrow on your head and make it very clear these attachments must go AWAY to the Light and leave you alone!

My friend with Mars on this degree is clearly solution-oriented to getting away from the problems in her life so it was so coincidental that she arrived on my doorstep and we got rid of her attachments. She said she felt happier and lighter! Since then I've had other people get rid of their Gatekeepers with me (and I do ask the pendulum if I am allowed to do that) and some have had a bad day for a day then life seems to get better - one woman had a new job offer the next day, getting away from the bullying workplace which did get intense that one day after the Gatekeeper left. Another teenager found life at school became better (although the day after her Gatekeeper meditation, like her mother at the bullying workplace, was horrendous but she found she coped okay because once she got home she just wanted to forget about it rather than relive her bad days to her family like she normally does). I note that I did not have a bad day after getting rid of my Gatekeeper, but I put that down to a lot of Personal Development!

Also for me, I feel just knowing about the Gatekeeper is a personal journey of my metaphorical canoe into safer waters. It's amazing how just knowing something can change your life - not money, not circumstances - but just knowing or learning something in time to make a difference in your own or someone else's life! Also the idea of a boat/vessel on top of the water has a lot of significance for me. I am constantly striving to be above the waters of emotion and drama, and to understand my feelings but to not let them capsize me. And canoes are very small vessels - like the kayak above that can only fit one or two people, or a canoe that can fit a limited number of people - so we are only expected to at least focus on navigating ourselves, and if we have room, other people if they fit!

My friend with Mars on this degree is similarly self-questioning and self-exploratory, but she is also clearly trying to steer her husband in the right direction too, as well as the department at work she is a senior for. (My partner resists my steering, but that's okay, he doesn't have a Gatekeeper so I think I'll leave him alone!!).

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