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My daughter has Chiron on this degree. She is only 5 years old, however I see in her a competitiveness for attention.
I am aware of a past life she has where she tried very hard to get out of the poverty class - her mother would sew to sell at the market and her (my) daughter would also try to sell at the market, working very hard, to escape poverty (however she could not and in a sense had finally resigned herself to a poor life). Her salvation in that life was her close connection to family (which was large).
In the playground she doesn't view other children positively, tending to see them as "obstructors", or when I am having friends around, she competes with them for my attention, or competes with her baby sister for her friend's attention!

Another layer to this symbol is that she has a lot of sparkle and attracts people to her, which annoys her when these kids follow her around. I have thought it to be her manifesting leadership, but in fact I wonder if it is another facet of her strong desire for validation, recognition and attention, that she opens herself energetically to so many people to get that, who are then drawn to her. Unfortunately she doesn't want to take on their energy or have them take her energy away from her. So she has attachments that she doesn't want. It's okay to have sparkle and be magnetic, but not if you are needing to open yourself to everyone because you crave their attention and validation, or just having people like you. I hope my daughter gets emotional wisdom to choose what/whose energy she opens herself to - choosing emotional shrewdness, and knowing when meeting someone what they vibrate with and whether that will be any good for her.

My partner has Lilith (dark side to let go of?) on this degree, we are currently going through some struggles in our partnership about this. I feel I know who I am, where I am going, where I've been, and what I want. Unfortunately I feel that my partner is easily influenced by other people's dramas and opinions, at work and his family and friends. He has his South node in Gemini and his North node in Sagittarius, so he needs to move from being a mediator and charmer of everyone, to standing up for his own truth. He has had many past lives of listening and communicating with many types of people, and this time he needs to move toward finding himself in a deeper, more spiritual way. He considers everyone's opinion, which to me says that he can't make a decision (which he admits too as well).
I got a tattoo once and pre-tattoo, I didn't know if I should get one or what to get so I listened to everyone's opinion. One day I woke up and knew exactly what I wanted, and nobody could convince me otherwise. In fact, I no longer listened to anyone's opinion about it because I absolutely knew that what I was doing was right for me. I wasn't upset if people disagreed with me, just that I was so aligned with myself that it didn't matter what they thought. Since my tattoo, the best compliment I get is when a friend says "it's so you". Not whether they like it or not, but how much it's "me". I have told him this story to illustrate how it feels to align oneself with the right decision for the self, rather than be influenced by every member of his community, which is just an indication that he doesn't know himself to make a decision.

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Mar 18, 2021
Saturn Pisces Zero Degrees
by: Sophia

I feel like this placement causes me to unconsciously structure my life around others needs and emotions as well as having a strong need for creativity in my routine:

Feb 14, 2024
Pisces 0-1 similarities I’ve noticed
by: Pisces Moon Woman

I have my moon here! I realized that my childhood friend has her Sun here, and that the singer/actress Dove Cameron has her Venus here. In reference to this post, my friend and I used to compete for male attention when we reached puberty age. Not necessarily with each other, because we have vastly different heights, so the romantic interests we were after tended to be different guys. I looked up Dove’s chart because she reminds me of this friend. Dove, my friend, and I all had "glow ups" so to speak. I assume these two women took as much care into their appearances as I did when I was younger (and possibly even now). I know that Dove Cameron has had some really good plastic surgery and I can assume that she did this to have an edge over her Hollywood competition.

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