Pisces 13-14 A Lady In Fox Fur

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I know someone with Jupiter on this degree. Unfortunately, this degree has manifested itself in that person being very good at "foxing" people (and himself) by lying, and thinking that he is better than others. This person managed to have a 10 year secret affair, and for even longer had people assuming that they were an engineer, when in fact they were not qualified as one! While this gift had got this person so far in life, in the end it was not enough to bring him happiness, he needed to move on from this facet of himself as it was destroying his life (he was the only redundancy in his workplace; his divorce) when he was "found out".
I think this was a good "gift" when he had to endure a difficult stepfather as a child, as it was a psychologically protective gift, however when the subconscious is not cleared of any trauma, then it will fight to heal. In this case he was careless (self-sabotage, an unconscious desire to cleanse himself) and he was found out. Now he is going through therapy to deal with his life falling apart, and hopefully the other deeper issues he has.
I had a couple of conversations with him about his current divorce experience, and what struck me was the level of self-loathing, pain and loop of negativity his mind was creating for him - all completely understandable. On the other hand, he was also demonising his ex-wife. When we are hurt, often we demonise the person who hurt us more than is reality. We don't need to do that in order to learn from our experiences, however it is a way of protecting ourselves psychologically: that we are justified in our regretful decisions, or that we are better than the other person despite our regretful decisions. I feel sympathy for him and glad that he is undergoing therapy, however was very mindful not to get caught in the drama that his mind was making for himself. I wish him the best for his journey, but mindful of this degree, I was able to take his beliefs with a grain of salt.

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Mar 31, 2016
Lilith meets Uranus
by: Anonymous

A woman wrapped in fox fur - Lilith
An officer preparing to drill his men - Uranus

Lilith meets Uranus - what a show down.
Both these rebellious characters came into play during my workplace.
The scenario, a 9 year old with ADD does not want his immunisation for his holiday.
My comrade starts the process for his injections x2, with himself and his mother. The mother was willing but her son was not so sure about this procedure that was about to take place.
His Uranus 14 Pisces - 'An officer preparing to drill his men' became ‘A child preparing the nurses’. He was in charge of the event and it was going to be an all out battle and he was not going to be taken down lightly, a rebel against his mothers wishes, and a sudden attack was his style.(Uranus)
Hearing the siege taking place Lilith in her fox fur comes in to help, "perhaps mum you could take him outside and have a chat", was the first response, amongst the normal coaxing that goes on with needles, fear and children.
Try and keep it as simple and painless as possible, jelly babies offered, bribes all round, sweet nurses singing the song of Florence Nightingale herself.
Outside mum goes with her little officer in charge of the battle. No amount of swaying by mum or us is calming the atmosphere.
Mum is now dragging him in and saying lets "just do it".
Mmmmm ok, I have a sharp instrument about to try and navigate an octopus squirming like its been caught in a trap.
So focus is now needed, so 1: it hits the right spot, 2; it doesn't hit me and 3; we don’t end up injured by the legs,arms and head thrashing about within the 1m radius.
All limbs were attempting to be held, his mother the body and his elder sister the legs, as I bent down ready to inject, he turned 2 inches from my face and just started screaming like "An Officer Preparing to Drill his Men". Well Lilith came bursting out of my mouth, deep, forceful and meaning definite business, shocking the lad into submission, with enough time to safely give him the immunisation he had been brought in for.
My Lilith lives in the 12th house conjunct the ascendent opposing Pluto conjunct Uranus (A Volcano Erupting/An Ouija Board). Also trining a Venus/Mars/Jupiter in Cancer conjunction, in amongst a grand trine to Neptune/South Node in Scorpio.
So this day, the two rebellious characters of an astrology chart came into battle….Officers need to be wary of Woman in Fox Furs.
BTW both him and I have Aquarian Moons.

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