Pisces 16-17 An Easter Promenade

by Pam

<tt>Chris LaCroix @ freeimages.com </tt>

Chris LaCroix @ freeimages.com

An Easter Promenade - Ascendent

My first easter promenade was during infants school, "the easter bonnet parade", children arrived with ice-cream container hats covered with lashings of eggs, tiny yellow chickens, cotton buds, coloured ribbons and glitter from head to toe.
My hat, on my inaugural debut, to the parade, was cane, covered in hibiscus flowers from our garden.
During the parade, I started to feel tingling on my arms and looked down to find ants crawling out of the all the flowers.
Mum put a lot of effort into that hat, and as she feels she looks "terrible in hats" and "hates craft", as I have become older I have thought she was probably thinking "oh great the bloody easter hat parade".
My bonnet was unique, and definitely not conforming to the traditional 70’s easter egg/chicken hat.
Ants meaning, diligence, hard work, co-operation and determination with social conformity and mass action.
Ants "promenade" with every step, each in tune with the one in front, none more important than the other.(of course except for the queen, the "mother ant" who was the inspiration for the hat)
My very Capricornian mother was very diligent, determined and co-operating with tradition, to prepare my easter hat for the parade, regardless of her ability as a milliner.
Traditional structures originally developed to bring people together to share a common link.
Human beings need to feel connected and this celebratory atmosphere brings them back together.
After 50 years of traditions, I have decided I don’t like being told what to do and HOW to celebrate each year.
Within the structure of any traditional affair, is a boundary which can be coloured in with your own personal flair. Contributing to a soulful event with yourself and others.
A fresher approach in which the "Promenade" is allowed the freedom to develop at its own pace during the celebration, would be my preference.
I love the colours, the creativity, the music, the costumes and the feeling of togetherness this can bring.
This symbol represents generosity of spirit, togetherness, celebration and creativity.
Whilst composing this article, I asked my partner about his first "Easter Bonnet",he replied "I went as Cousin IT, from the Adams Family", his head covered in straw and sun glasses....I thought thats not even easter! lol.
But as easter is about sacrifice and rebirth, maybe he was expressing who he truly was at the time. Sacrificing the need to march along with the masses in their easter egg bonnets, and choosing to free his inner cousin IT.
A spectacle of a "promenade" is when the walk is loaded with colour, individuality and freedom of expression, not a strict dogmatic code of behaviour.
East meaning rebirth, love, trust, renewal
Er - uncertain to falter
In rebirth we all feel uncertain and falter, so the message is trust in your own heart and pop on that unique Easter bonnet and promenade it proudly!
May your easter bonnets be colourful, ants party in your hat and the eggs not melt.

When we are uncertain and would like to err on the side of caution.

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