Pisces 22-23 Spiritist Phenomena

by Alice

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A Journey into the Jungle
Spiritist Phenomena

Recently I had an episode of Chinese whispers with my partner's sister, whom I have met once.
She accused me of thoughts and actions that were not mine.
She had pieced a story together by way of the grape vine, and taken it upon herself to be the mouthpiece for the family.
The more she accused me, the more I became what she was accusing me of. Angry, compassionless and irrelevant.
I apparently was "brain washing" my partner and alienating him from his family.
The fact that she, as most of his family, rarely communicates was irrelevant.
I asked the oracle what this episode was about: I received Spiritist Phenomena, which correlated in the Pamian to: A Journey into the Jungle.
Both these symbols were to me about Unknown territory and the wild unexplored wilderness that lives beneath our surface-level mask and what skills you have to survive.
As my, lets call her, "sister in-law" has only met me once and visa versa, this journey we were embarking on was unknown.
She had preconceived thoughts about my jungle and the more accusations she slung my way, the more I wanted to stop her in her tracks from entering any further into my untouched lands.
My side of the story became irrelevant in her version of events.
She had hung up on me during mid-sentence, infuriating me like insects within the jungle, leaving me wanting to sting anything that moves.
I was correcting her on the lies she was telling about me, just prior to the disconnection.
After this my partner was sent a barrage of abuse like the insects within the jungle, to sting the shit out of me.
All my insecurities from an entire life completely exposed...like an adventurer she was slashing through the vegetation.
Taking no time to stop and see what she was killing.
You might be thinking surely it couldn't be that bad?
But apparently my partner's whole family (and there are a lot of them) "dislike me". Quote unquote.
This was a text with such ease and complete disregard for any feelings I might have, and I was left to contemplate my value in the world.
As I haven't met most of them, I thought she must be lying to gain strength in numbers or this family has a mass consciousness that lives below the surface.
My value of myself had always been subject to others' opinions of me. Life had developed, I realised, around others' perceptions.
I had stood up to a family's abuse and now I was the problem, being seen as the angry, unforgiving member of the group.
I had not commented to her about any of the remarks sent in text form.
Which to me was like a constant reminder of my powerlessness against her embittered perception of me.
Reading over and over again her text message became a constant swarm of insects leaving welts and bites.
I had to try and find a way to deter her venom, lest I end up with dengue fever.
Like when a massive journey of people starts through a wilderness, hence the white man conquering the Americas and native Indians. There is little these people can do to stop the mass invasion.
His family had their thoughts; maybe some agreed with me and couldn't be bothered to get involved or maybe my opening up abusive wounds that had never been discussed was too much to deal with.

Spiritist Phenomena is for me the unseen spirit energies at play about this event.
She had written everything that I had felt was going on for a years. My own perception had hit me square between the eyes.
So this message for me became a blessing in that I didn't have to play the game of trying to have a warm relationship with these people any more.
It had given me and my partner a "get out of jail card".
No longer locked in the superficialities, I have the opportunity to live my life authentically.
Although, had I taken notice of my own Jungle/Spiritist Phenomena earlier I could have saved myself a lot of time and anguish.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Pisces karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Jun 03, 2016
A journey towards loving our own essential natures
by: Bek

Thank you for your experience of this degree. I just love how everybody has a different visceral experience of everything - and it's so exciting to read your interpretation, it comes off the page so well. I had thought this symbol was about literal spirits i.e. I think of my ancestors around me and the lessons they went through, and how they communicate with me through signs of the universe or just plain old electrical interference lol!

Your interpretation opened my view to thinking of spiritist as alluding to our spirit - our essential natures, and that life moves us toward loving ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are, regardless of whether we are popular or not, whatever mistakes or achievements we have made. When we are hurt by other people's judgements, we are still perceiving an external authority that judges/punishes/rewards us - even if our reaction is "it's not fair" or "they got it wrong". In fact, we are all spirit, we are all God or Buddha or Ganesh (Joseph Campbell anyone?). When we realise that we are divine ourselves, we also see that the silly small-self (rather than higher-self) entities are just mosquitoes.
We can stand in our own authority (not looking for validation of who is wrong or who is right, and resisting resulting guilt/shame or self-righteousness/arrogance), and look into our own feelings and inner voice for the truth. We no longer devalue ourselves or react to another's small-self judgements (possibly a projection of our own small-self judgements?). We realise we are free and move on to gobbling up the world that is our oyster. Once we accept ourselves despite the fire-storm of drama that rages past, we find our eyes lifting to the horizon, looking for something more for us, to match how we are expanding inside.

I know you wish you could have saved yourself time and anguish (your last line) but honestly, my own experience at arriving at this lesson has been my whole lifetime so far. How much faster can we learn our own divinity?
And even though I can write it out like this, there are still levels at which the lesson needs to permeate. I have a half-baked theory: we know something in our minds, then we feel it in our hearts, but once it is in our gut, then it is in our bodies at cellular level - you don't even have to remember the words of the lesson, because it's completely in your DNA. I think I've yet to feel the divinity at heart or gut level, as I'm still preoccupied with other people's opinions of me, and my sore leg and like, PMS!

Anyway, I got so much out of your contribution, thank you!

Jun 04, 2016
Pisces 22 -23
by: Alice

I have read this morning the response of the Spiritist entry…..what can I say "that was fantastic" reminded me of a wisdom quote one would read in a favourite book.
Such perfect timing written on 24 Pisces - ‘Purging of the Priesthood’ to meet today 25 Pisces ‘A New Moon Divides it’s Influences’.
A ‘ dawning' of the essence of the next couple of thousand years, ‘The Age of Aquarius’, for humanity, personal and collective to embody the ‘spirit' which flows from the urn of life.
We will journey from the 'Old Adobe Mission' through to 'The Field of Ardath in Bloom’.
From ‘A Bazaar' to ‘Cardboard Boxes Made into the City’
and ‘Strangers Speed Dating’ to ‘A Code Uncracked’.

The mission replaced with the beauty of our natural selves.
A bazaar of competition replaced with recycled materials and people working together, where all experiences are seen as the mulch for growth.
and, the strangers speed dating stop long enough, realising the likeness conflicting in the chair opposite. Judgement becomes a code uncracked.
We are all the same
‘An Uncracked Blooming City’.

Mar 30, 2023
by: Margo

It is all true and exactly what happened to me.
My brother s Pluto is in opposition to my MC. I had to take care of them since my childhood plus to help my mother who could not put them any limits. My aunt insisted to keep the family together but then she was their victim too. I would have left them behind long ago because i knew since our childhood that they were very jealous but i did what i loved without caring about their gossips.

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