Sagittarius 10-11 The Lamp Of Physical Enlightenment At The Left Temple


My partner has his Vesta and North Node on this degree. To me he seems to be very aware of how different things affect his body. He is very focussed on his digestive system and is very observant of how his body reacts.
He is also very physically robust and extremely well co-ordinated, and does very well athletically. However, he is resistant to the idea of mind-body connection, which is why this is his North node, where he needs to break through on his path of spiritual progression.

Another layer for this symbol is that it refers to the literal left temple, or the left temporal lobe in the brain. Apparently this part of the brain helps with many functions such as: Memory and new learning; Language comprehension; Auditory processing; Spatial processing; Attention; Spirituality and Emotion. Lamp comes from the Greek lámpein (to shine). So this symbol could very well be about our personal use, understanding or ability with the cognitive functions of the left temporal lobe.

If I were to apply this last layer to my partner, yes he does have difficulty with his memory, with his language use and has very sensitive auditory processing, gets easily frustrated with new learning (and doesn't retain it), and is easily distracted. As for spirituality and emotion, well, he's a bloke, isn't he?

By the way, did you know the Eye Of Horus is actually a depiction of the pineal gland in the centre of the brain? You're welcome!

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