Sagittarius 15-16 Sea Gulls Watching A Ship

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My friend Pam has her Midheaven on this degree. Her story is as follows:

Venus and Mars 14 - 15 Cancer (A group of People Who Have Overeaten and Enjoyed It) quincunx my Midheaven (Seagulls Watching a Ship), which has provided the necessary "stone in my shoe" to start to discern between my real "root" values and the action necessary to implement them into the world at large. As the people have enjoyed it, and it is in my 4th house of roots, it is suggested enjoyment of consuming experiences. The problem at times is at the level of assimilation and repetition. When I was young if I over did the consumption then the purging began.
Much of my life has been spent consuming everything from food, to books, to emotions, to thoughts and then some.
This can lead to a very clogged up system and confusion of what to express. The seagulls in this image are watching which suggests that I needed to learn to wait and watch before acting on all this "consumption".
Simplicity being the key here. Natal Sun 9 - 10’ Leo Early Morning Dew,( trines the MH in the 5th house), assimilation of all experiences to the ones that suit me and then sharing them with others.
Perhaps this symbol is also about willpower and knowledge, as the saying goes "your ship has come in". Knowledge of yourself to when the opportunity arises to strike. The seagulls would know the cue and signals of when a feed is there.
The symbol balances the IC Gemini 15 - 16 (A Woman Suffragist Orating),as an Orator is skilled and eloquent in their delivery of a public speech, Seagulls Watching A Ship suggests knowing the right timing during the speech to deliver the message.
As I have always hated public speaking at any level, this has been a very big challenge in my life. Looking at the other symbols on this mutable cross, Virgo 15 - 16 An Orang-utan, is suggestive of patience again. These animals are known for their patience and inquisitiveness. They have been known to "watch" keepers when in enclosures and unlock the doors and escape when they leave.
Pisces 15 - 16 A Flow Of Inspiration, suggests an alertness and openness to new coming forth. This needs the ability to observe quietly the flow of thoughts, like the fish brought back from the sea (the collective), for the soul life to feed upon giving nourishment to the new world, which is trying to be built.

My thoughts on this symbol would be that expression of intuitive feelings needs patience, alertness and poise to ground the fleeting flows of inspiration, the "suns dew".
Whilst writing this page, I caught the ferry to work and there were groups of people lining the river watching "like seagulls" the Queen Elizabeth ship had come into the harbour.
It was the first time that she had been into the port. As I disembarked off the ferry a man began chatting to me about how he had arose at 5.30am to see the ship come in and take photos from the shoreline. He was feeding on the images that were happening during the dawn.
This made me think how I really enjoy taking photographs myself and waiting for the right image to appear,this often takes patience and alertness to capture, similar to the skills of the seagulls watching a ship.

I find writing slows my thought processes down enough to be in the moment, likened to the gulls. Otherwise I tend to become distracted during conversations.
As I have been writing this symbol for the last 2 weeks Saturn has been conjunct my MH (your highest aspirations in life),and seagulls have been turning up everywhere. This symbol for me is about PATIENCE (my highest aspiration), which I am improving on but it has been a long hard battle. Stopping to smell the roses is where I need to head.
Funnily enough I have a red rose in a pot just outside my back door and when it is in bloom I watch like a seagull till it opens so as I can take in the aroma.

I have read that we have a spiritual spiral on which we travel and during certain ages, energetic shifts occur and momentum is increased toward our spiritual progression. We can choose to enter these new doorways or remain as we are.
In my occupation I deal mostly with chronic disease which mostly comes from overindulgences in lifestyles and lack of understanding of yourself and the world around you. These habits are very hard to break, often a crises is needed before change can begin.

As years ago I went to psychic whom relayed to me that I had not lived beyond 35 very often, the impatience begins to make sense. It is as if I have lived my life till my 40’s waiting for my ship to arrive, so I could have the necessary pushes to move me on, away from my instinctual drives(chronic glitches).

From my experience life begins to heat up and change from 35 onwards more towards your essential self. My patience still wanes at times but it is improving and my timing is getting better, as is my intuition.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Sagittarius karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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