Scorpio 21-22 Hunters Starting Out For Ducks

<tt>Group of duck hunters on lake by Hagerty Ryan U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

Group of duck hunters on lake by Hagerty Ryan U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via Wikimedia Commons

A friend of mine has her North node on this degree. She has trouble going after what she wants as she is so distracted by the many choices of life! She also is a free spirit, having her Part of Fortune on Scorpio 14-15 Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand, and her Midheaven on Aries 11-12 A Flock Of Wild Geese. She is often head-hunted for work, and so clearly she is meant to commit and focus in this life!

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Feb 03, 2016
Scorpio 21 -22 South Node (9th house)
by: pam

Hunters Starting Out for Ducks - Scorpio 21 - 22 South Node (9th house)
The image that this symbol stirs for me, is of Englishman dressed in camouflaged hunting pants, boots and jackets, heading off with a rifle to hunt ducks for sport. If the duck is not killed, then the bird can be left injured and left to suffer until its death.
The sport until recently, is socially justified and morally acceptable to those that partake in the spectacle.
Recently there have been moves made to lobby against this past time and have legal penalties inflicted on those whom continue regardless of the law.
As the symbol suggests the moment at the beginning of this quest, and not of the actual hunt itself. I think this is an important image, as I have read varying symbols in which people, including some very well respected astrologers, change the symbol, which of course changes the connotation. One being "Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks"- which implies that the duck shooting is well underway, perhaps this astrologer felt that he was being treated unfairly at the time of his, symbolic change.
Another "Hunters Protected by Heavy Clothing Are Shooting Wild Ducks" again the symbol is in full swing, with a definite outcome and to boot, the symbolist has presumed that the participants are clothed. The description of "wild" implies again a definite image,compared to the original more open symbol.
The symbol is on my South Node in the (9th house) in Scorpio - as this house is the room of understanding and higher learning, I actually feel that these original symbols are like 'innocent ducks'. Ducks and symbols belonging to both the upper and lower worlds. (the water, land and sky). The water, earth, air and the fire, being the spirit, of the viewer interpreting the symbol, through their own experience.
To interfere with the symbols is like a hunt. To change the habitat of them regardless of the consequences, I feel is an injustice to the esoteric significance of these already powerful images.
As the Original Symbols, I felt these are like quintessence elixirs which work as a healing medicine on the soul.
The symbol implies, choice and change in consciousness in its original context, not a foregone conclusion to the end result.
And no I don’t shoot animals or go on animal hunting parties, but I have learnt through my life that you cannot take on someone else's work and make it your own as a trophy to hang on your wall.
As the symbol speaks of "hunters" (plural),to me some people will continue on with what is known and excepted, and some will make a conscious choice of "walking or hunting their own innocent discoveries and paths".
People have changed and interpreted original discoveries throughout the centuries, "the bible" being a prime example. This confuses people's already clogged up system and discourages innocents from digging up their own gems of enlightenment.
My uncle had 2 white ducks as pets when I was a teenager "Ada and Elsie", there was duck shit all over his small backyard, he eventually gave them to the local children’s farm, where they could live their daze out on a pond within the reeds.
And he was left with the best fertiliser ever, his vegie garden loves it. So as simple as these ducks were, they provided much needed fertiliser to his growing patch, much like these symbols have provided for me.

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