Scorpio 29-30 The Halloween Jester


My mother has her Juno on this degree. To me this indicates her very black sense of humour, and her own attraction to my father - she always spoke admiringly of his dry sense of humour. His ability to make her laugh is clearly what drew her to him. Whenever she has difficulties, she always makes light of them, laughing and joking about them to people to show her strength. In fact it comes off a bit strange or inappropriate. She recently had a stay in hospital due to high blood pressure and she told her family about it, laughing and joking all the while. We never knew if she was on drugs or what! Clearly she is doing it so we don't worry, but we get the feeling we are not being told the full extent of the horror. I think my father was the better "jester" hence her attraction to him!

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Jul 10, 2017
12th house
by: theinitiate

Uummm I thought this degree was... Holloween costumes... and ... well, hiding... this is a different interpretation?, okay.... well, I guess I have always had the tendency to want to be on the outside looking in.... I get a bit ... out of sync, when someone recognizes me or knows me... most of my life I thought no one knew who I was... so when someone does know me ... out of the blue... I kind o' do not like it...

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