Scorpio 4-5 A Massive, Rocky Shore


I have Uranus on this degree. Besides the fact that I have been a geologist, I tend to think of this symbol in more figurative terms. Often in my life, ever since early high school, people and friends have told me that I represent "strength" to them, in terms of how I deal with things. I am not fazed by much, and if I am, I appear to be stoic (not that this is how I thought of myself!). Now that I am in my late thirties, with a family of my own, I finally see what people were saying. I did have a colourful childhood and my partner often wonders why I didn't become a "crack-whore"!
At a workplace in my early thirties, which I called the "snake-pit" I was put into a stressful work situation, in which I thrived. My older peers told me that I handle stress very well. In fact, what happens with me is that when things are stressful, there is nothing else to do but to keep going with the urgent task in front. I just continue to do the task that needs to be done, because freaking out won't do the task. It's just chopping wood and fetching water, and someone has to do it. And often the stressful situation will unpick itself while you are working at it. Or a calm voice will calm the people who are stressing when there is no need to stress.
Generally when I am busy, I have a lot of energy, and get around with a smile on my face.
I feel that this symbol is a gift of resilience that I have used when dealing with problems. Sometimes I wish the gift would be something like "The Rainbow's Pot of Gold", rather than a version of water-off-a-duck's-back, but you get what you get!

As an aside, I know I have a past life as a Mycenaean who worshipped Poseidon. This symbol for me creates images of the sea pounding the shore, which doesn't move.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Scorpio karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Nov 06, 2016
A Massive Rocky Shore
by: Alice

Gazing down my home town's storm ravaged beach, I pondered, the remains of the previous night's
fight for survival, resembling Joe Fraser and Mohammed Ali, in the famous, "Fight Of The Century".
It’s battered narrow rock retaining wall, now stood wearily, bracing itself for the next round.
Extreme weather conditions the night before, had changed the normally peaceful landscape into that of,
Pounding seas that had washed much of it’s sand back into the ocean and created a nervous tension for all those living within a 50m radius of it’s shores.
Eroding confidence in it’s protective duty was surfacing.
Re-inforcements were being employed, in the form of more rocks and more sand, lest properties slide into Davey Jones’s locker.

Surging winds had whipped Neptune’s normally complacent persona into a wild play ground for the unwary.
The storm was, as unexpected, as was the day’s swimming expedition.
One: because it’s was winter and the day was warm enough to venture into the water,
and Two: I don’t swim in the winter!

I had never been a seeker of confrontation in my younger years, more one to discuss in private behind the curtains with friends the actions of others. Leaving the contenders to battle out their differences as I watched from the side lines.
Throwing in the few comments like, "I can’t believe her", "What a bitch". But if I was confronted I would look in shock, "who me, nah I’m not sure".
Pulse would race, blood pressure increased and, my face always flushed up,
confrontation was definitely not a forte in my tool belt.

Life though has a funny way of creating the exact opposite of your comfortable cosy habits. With natal Pluto and Uranus conjunct my descendent, quincunxing my Moon in the 12th house, like this unexpected storm, waves of emotions were waiting to hit my shores, in the form of others.
Feeble barriers created from my inability to "speak my truth" in an assertive way, found it difficult to protect grounds that were being pounded in my landscape in which I lived.
This image was originally viewed through my mother, reflecting my Moon’s own communication skills.
Moon (unconscious 12th house) square North (communication 3rd house) and South node (understanding 9th house).
She never rose her voice and I can’t remember her becoming outwardly angry or shouting. Emotions instead went internal and created the debilitating illness chronic fatigue. But as a child I thought this was how one behaved, keeping all emotions at bay, they were an enigma to me.

Always I had been the "goody two shoes" daughter, whom rarely was in trouble. My father had a booming voice so it didn’t take much to quieten down any rebellious, out of control behaviour. I have a Leo Sun in the 5th house trining the mid heaven, I expected myself to be the perfect shining orb all the time.
Nil other emotions were allowed in my psyche, which was reflected through my father, when emotions strayed, he quickly pounced on them, returning the smiling sun's face.
My first husband was an Aquarian Sun conjunct my Moon. He played out the negative traits of Aquarius perfectly! Rebellious and outspoken, all the emotions which I was never excused for expressing.
As my Moon (12th house) is in square to Neptune (9th house) the understanding of the murky realms of emotions were completely unconscious to me, so I easily projected all bad behaviour onto him, as it was quite natural for him to be this way.

Life though has sent me plenty of people and circumstances to encourage, as well as force me to stand my truth and remain on solid ground.
Many a time however, my barriers have become thinner and thinner, with the constant threat of my world (house) crumbling into the ocean, figuratively speaking.

The image of the rocky shore brought into awareness, reminded me of, my chance introduction, as the 'winter swimming expedition', to my friend whom has this degree (A Massive Rocky Shore) on her Uranus (8th house) conjunct her North Node and yes she does give protection from incoming seas, of my occasionally turbulent emotions as well as the onslaught of other peoples tirades.
Her liberating (Uranus) words of advice during transformative (8th house ) times are a welcome relief when a grasp on collective and personal pressures increase.
Her Uranian influence gives these words an often different twist to the normal response (Saturn) and aid to enlighten the emotional seas.
She assists in the transformation (8th house) of emotional storms into more peaceful waters.

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