Scorpio 5-6 A Gold Rush


I have my North node or Rahu, on this degree. When I found this out, it blew my mind, 'cos I'm a geologist, man.

As a geologist, I have had to travel and live wherever the work is. At one workplace, which I called "the snake-pit", I later found out was an enactment of a past life as a Mycenaean leader (ancient Greece). In that life I had led the people around 1600BC to worship, however that year the crops died and trade was not successful. There was a conspiracy in my family to kill me, and although I knew about it I could not escape. I did some research on that era, and found out that there had a been a massive volcanic explosion that created a volcanic winter as far as China, and while there are debates about when that happened, I believe that the year of the explosion was the year I had led people to worship. The people had believed I had made the gods angry and so punished us. In fact it had just been a volcanic explosion, that created scarcity and disaster for my people. It also wiped out half of our main trading partner, the Minoans and their fleet of ships, which affected trade. I might have been assassinated, or I might have been sacrificed.

This research really illuminated things for me - for one thing, I am a qualified volcanologist, though never had a passion for it, and this one mine site was my first and only volcanic deposit (coincidentally, located in gold-fields). After I quit this job (due to the politics and back-stabbing culture), the geology departments couldn't find any more new deposits, so the mine had to be closed (scarcity repeats). I managed to come through this experience with my integrity intact, I made sure that I had a smile on my face every day and though there were few in the department that were friendly, I made an effort to have a good relationship with others outside my department. One particular person was very vindictive, spreading rumors, and I did my best to just be the bigger person and not let it affect me. After I quit, I became a mother and my journey to a better path began (nothing like kids and family to bring joy and freedom). I also found out from a friend calling me a couple of years later that this one vindictive person (the only one with an eastern-European accent - an echo of Mycenae?) ended up quitting her job (during a mining bust - when you do NOT quit - and she was so focussed on career!) to be with her new husband more, only to find out that he was using prostitutes and selling drugs at work. Her group of friends at the mine also saw her ugly side (mostly due to her targetting me) and view her as someone they wouldn't trust to work with again (although I also see this as their own self-projection!). I believe that we create our own karma and so subconsciously we punish ourselves (she clearly chose someone who was trouble) - but how to tell her that she acted the way she did for MY progression without her telling me to F-off? How to tell her that I forgive her (and myself) and to remember that for the first 5 minutes when we were introduced that we had good times?! :)

I don't want to paint myself as a victim, I know why I had trouble at this mine. I had a massive ego and was very self-confident. I had done well at previous mines and had impressed people, and some of those people told me I was arrogant! I came into the workplace thinking I was entitled to adulation and respect. This has happened to me before, where I enter a new workplace extremely confident and someone decides that I am a target! So I had to learn more humility and that workplaces don't necessarily want stars, they want team players. I learned a lot at that workplace! I grew a lot. And I was glad it was over!
It was a very emotionally intense experience. Clearly that past life needed a lot of healing.
Since then, my life has been extremely fulfilling, as it has gone into other directions. I never had a passion for volcanoes or geology and now I realise that I qualified myself in these areas to eventually heal my past life (where an enactment of sorts played out). Once I had "completed" this degree, I was "free" to choose what I wanted to do, to be more creative. This experience was so negative, that I became addicted to internet tarot cards, where I could choose a card for free for the day at work at this mine. It was the only way I could have hope for the future. At the end of this experience, I pulled "Victory" cards. And I continue to pursue spiritual phenomena since then!

To me this degree was a sort of signpost, pointing to the path of spiritual progression.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Scorpio karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Many thanks!

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May 06, 2017
south node on this degree
by: Space Traveller

Hi beautiful,

I have south node on this degree. It's good you enjoy a great family life. otherwise, why not stay at work and battle it out with her. Unfortunately, bitching, back-stabbing and spreading rumours is the only way some people know how to get to the top. I get the same deal sometimes. It's work politics. I always give those people a big smile, all teeth, when I see them, letting them know I know what they are up to and it's ineffective. Then when they talk to me, i treat them like they are invisible. Mind games is my forte, skills from previous incarnations babe. south node/pluto/mars.


May 16, 2017
Is that really my lesson?!
by: Bek

Space traveller! Really? That is what I had to learn? I have to say, I have ignored people too, but it came from a deeply emotional place - holding back the hurt and recrimination meant literally turning away. When I could see the effect that had on others, yes, it does become part of the arsenal (used again when feeling hurt, knowing it inflicts a wound as well). Thank you so much for your personal experience.
I had felt that the Gold Rush was supposed to be a more positive experience though, so I have viewed the family side of things as the positive reward of my geology experiences.
As I continue living, I can reframe the past again (also thanks to adding your experience) and that way I don't have to go through similar pain but learn new lessons from the same experience.

I would love to know about your previous incarnations of this degree :)

Many thanks!

Oct 01, 2020
Mars 5'32", and Moon 5'58" Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I have always been able to make money- from when I was 13 and decided to advertise babysitting on index cards at local laundromats, to doing very well in sales in my 20's and 30's, to when I started my own business in my 40's, where I 10x'ed my income for the next 10 years by answering the phones, doing the advertising, giving estimates, doing the purchasing and refuse disposal, and working 24/7.
Had the nickname of "The Bank of Susan" as a child.
Also have Mercury at 8'01" Scorpio and Neptune 10'12". Invested in cryptos and gold/silver metals when I closed out my business.

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