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I have my Chiron on this degree. When I didn't quite understand this symbol, I had several options for what it means: thinking too much leading to insomnia and stress; creating a scorched-earth drama when I get really upset and hurting people deeply with my tongue-lashing resulting in damaged relationships; being the focus of a group's dislike and unspoken rejection. I feel that all of these ideas could embody the idea of my Chiron on this degree.

Very recently I caught up with a friend of mine about this as we both have Chiron on this degree. Her experience has lately been of divorcing an emotionally abusive husband. In the process of separating, she has often lost her sense of self and gone back to him, or re-signed mortgage agreements with him, or other things to keep herself tied to him. His superpower (Jupiter) is Pisces 13-14 A Lady in Fox Fur, which manifests for him in narcissistic lying and intense need to keep a superior public persona. With her Chiron, she finds that when he tongue-lashes her, she is "scrambled" and often left feeling like nothing. She has likened this feeling to the story of a hang glider who got caught up in a tornado who, when she came to and saw that see was still so far above the planet, felt disconnected with the earth, and insignificant. Whenever my friend has felt like this, she will speak to me about what is going on and at the end of the conversation she will tell me she feels grounded and much better. This happened so many times that I started to think about "grounding" and how lightning looks for an earth point. I think that when we get scrambled (I used to be a signaller in the army, and this was one term for interference in the radio signal), we lose sense of who we are or where we were going, and we lose touch with what grounds us: our knowledge of ourselves. So then we are up in the air, while immense power reduces us to nothing.
Regarding my friend's ex-husband, we discussed that she attached too much (Buddhist term) to what she heard him say. She needed to let his words fall off her ears or stay away from communicating with him until she could trust herself not to attach to whatever he said (often to convince her that what she knew about the past and him was wrong). She also needed to ground herself by knowing who she was. This meant reaffirming and doing what she likes, seeing herself as Persephone rather than Pandora (whole other story folks, sorry), and not looking to have him affirm what she believes, rather just being content that she affirms her own beliefs. Often our feelings about the judgement of others will scramble us, and so the necessary perspective here is that people give out what is inside them. If someone is negative, then whatever it was that triggered the negativity just shows us who they are, rather than any essential truth about the trigger. So we don't take personally what people say or think, not that it's any of our business anyway, since it is just a reflection of themselves.

So armed with these ideas, my friend and I (since I get a lot out of these conversations too!) understand our need to feel grounded to limit the electrical storm that can wound us.

The best image I can give for this last idea of grounding is that scene in Mad Max Fury Road, where the convoy encounters the huge dust storm with tornadoes and lightning in it. The big rig is able to drive through the storm because it is heavy (grounded). Even though the movie might be confronting to people, I highly recommend watching the dust storm scene to illustrate this point. The big rig is a metaphor for groundedness, and if we fill our truck with weight such as knowing who we are, where we have come from, what we are doing, where we are going, then we can survive the storm because we are focussed on what we ourselves are getting out of life. There is a reason we have density in a dense plane, which is to survive. If you are not grounded you have the storm in your head of other people's thought and opinions and your own doubts, but you will have a hell of a wild ride in the tornado! (Up to you!)

I feel like this also describes teenage years, where we have insecurities and judgements and are trying to define ourselves. Unfortunately we might define ourselves by what we are "not", so being against things (parents, the system etc), but this is not defining who you are, it is defining who you are not. This is not heavy enough to ground you, as it partly focuses you on what you don't want or aren't. In the teenage journey, the emphasis for self-identity is to know who you ARE, not what you aren't. Of course it's easy to be against something, but what does this create? More storms. But if that's want they want, who am I to judge that journey.

Another perspective on this is that the electrical storm is so powerful (and it is also how we can wound others too). I know I can cut with words, but I can also give so much energy with the right words. I wonder if this symbol is also about the power that we give away to others, depleting ourselves of energy, when we could be using our own electric power ourselves?

My friend Pam is interested in the astrological crosses. She has her Mercury on Leo 1-2 An Epidemic of Mumps, her daughter has Sun on Aquarius 1-2 An Unexpected Thunderstorm, and the other symbol on the cross is the opposite in Scorpio 1-2 A Broken Bottle and Spilled Perfume. She has confirmed with me that she when she is on social media she is very much irritated by viral posts that are simply wrong (she is a nurse and one example that drives her nuts is the Immunization debate). She feels these posts contribute to the noise that confuses people about where the truth is. Her daughter is often paralysed when events or people/moods are like thunderstorms (like when ornery people ambush you with their bad mood), feeling like she lost her direction, completely distracted by the lightning strikes (which are brighter than the sun by the way). We decided that the solution to these symbols when they are negative, is to be grounded. Grounded, grounded, grounded! Know who you are, know your truth, and move forward inside that. I would love to hear from someone who has Scorpio 1-2! I have always thought this degree to be about breaking open the shell to find the essence of the thing (the essence of yourself, which should help with grounding?) but have yet to learn more about it, especially if it helps with completing the cross!

Does any part of the Taurus 1-2 An Electrical Storm resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Taurus karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

Please note that your comment may be edited for other visitors' experience. We aim to share knowledge and experience for greater learning.

Many thanks!

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Jan 23, 2016
Reminds me of Dr Zhivago!
by: Pam

"The voice of mystery, drowning everything else, distracted Yura at his dissecting. But then a lot of things in life distracted him. He was used to it and not put out.
Yura thought well and wrote even better. Ever since his childhood days he had dreamed of writing a book of pros, a book of impressions of life in which he would conceal like buried sticks of dynamite, the most striking things he had so far seen and thought about. He was too young to write such a book; instead he wrote poetry. He was like a painter who spent his life making sketches of a big picture he had in his mind." -Boris Pasternak (from Dr Zhivago)

Another thing that strikes me (lol) about this is that lightening is a magnificant display of light under the dark forboding skies. It never makes something darker.
How do you feel about this light? Lightening is the great equaliser. It is an element of nature that gave us as human beings electricity. An Earthy expression of that light. As we live in a world of manifesters in the 21st century, you would think that we would love lightening. Maybe we are all still frightened of our own power.

May 22, 2016
by: Bek

Since I have learned a lot more emotionally, I realise this Chiron is something like an Achilles Heel or sensitivity that I have to manage. I have become aware that I often take on the energy of people who I visit, chat to on the phone, or even think about. I constantly have to clear their energy so I can be myself. An example of how I am managing to turn this wound into a gift:
I recently learned that my grandmother was dying of lung cancer, and she'd been in my thoughts for two days before I realised I wasn't myself. Because she is a family member, it was hard to know that I wasn't myself, because clearly she is part of my dna. I only suspected something when for two days all computers - such as at the shops when I am using the self-check out or at the library returning books and checking what else I have left to return - start glitching and dying which was a real pain because of the delays of sorting the mess out. I had to ask a pendulum if I was myself and I realised I was my grandmother. I did a meditation to clear her energy out, and the images I got were of all my capillaries and veins being highlighted in my body, and then I became an X-ray. I realised that she was already undergoing the cancer treatment.
It was a real change for me because I saw how in-tune with her I was. I don't consider myself more psychic than anyone else, just that the more I practice and learn about myself spiritually and emotionally, the more I can protect myself with other people's energies. But this time I felt I had turned the tables on this Chiron - I felt that I was actually getting information via this Chiron. Normally if I am "scrambled" by somebody's energy, I am left with their emotions and mood, which is not very helpful to me because I already know how they are feeling in my last interaction with them. So I have to deal with their crap rather than my own crap. This time I didn't have any emotion, just the unhelpful literal electrical storm regarding the other computers (not my own), but now some clarity of information!

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