Taurus 16-17 A Battle Between The Swords And Torches

<tt>Antični Prizor by Pietro Liberi via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

Antični Prizor by Pietro Liberi via Wikimedia Commons

My partner has his Earth on this degree. He likes to debate! If you say you like white, he might say he likes black; then the next day you will have the opposite conversation. This also means he often "sits on the fence" as he cannot make up his mind about the best way forward, or what decision to make next. He is able to see most sides in a debate, but will happily be devil's advocate!

On the other hand, when this conflict is internal, he is often plagued with self-doubt and struggles to make a decision, as he is able to see pros and cons with the situation.

As he is a tradesman, a friend of mine wonders if he struggles to decide "what tool in the toolbox to use" - the toolbox being our own skills and talents.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

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