Taurus 6-7 A Woman Of Samaria

<tt>Henryk Siemiradzki via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

Henryk Siemiradzki via Wikimedia Commons

I had a recent experience with my mother that the Rhetoracle said was related to this symbol.
Basically my mother recently has been besieged by people at the pokies asking her for money, and very annoyingly, in the past she has given them money only to have them gamble it away and not pay her back, surprise surprise.
It has been a long journey for my mother to stand up for herself and refuse to be taken advantage of, and also to realise that just because someone sells you a sad story, doesn't mean that giving them money is going to fix their problem.

Also recently, my mother's bin was targeted by a well-dressed lady who was rummaging through it every week - and nobody else's bin, mind you. So my mother did a stake-out in her car every Wednesday for 3 weeks until she caught the culprit and confronted them, in which the thief took off her own clothes and walked away. Yes all very weird, and when weird things happen, you need to take notice of what it all means! Clearly something is going on that needs looking at!!
Meanwhile I want to scream at my mother about why she is doing stake-outs and making her back worse when for chrissakes let the woman rummage through the bin, but as usual, I am always wrong when it comes to my mother and it's just one of those delightful ways the universe pulls my head in and tells me to shut up.
I like to play with oracle cards and whenever I choose for Mum I am often surprised by how right she is and how my own judgements are completely wrong. After this particular weird event I turned to the cards and we realised that my mother has a long-held belief, that her family taught her from the time of the Cultural Revolution in China, that if you are perceived to be wealthy then you will be persecuted, or have the wealth taken off you. She has a long history of her family taking money off her because she is expected to give just because they perceive her as wealthy. In fact, at 65 years of age, she is getting rather sick of this crap, and in fact, very sick of the fact that people take without any manners or gratitude.

She has been standing up for herself and refusing to give while being disrespected, which the oracle cards are confirming (and she is a hoarder so this is not what I thought - without cards - would be the answer. Instead the universe is showing how the taking is getting out of hand.)

But in order to continue changing the pattern of taking from her, she is communing with her own inner strength and her own angels of strength to keep doing this.

As an aside, a friend of mine once put an open letter to a famous person, congratulating her on her retirement, on her own website. Many people put comments on this webpage also congratulating, but my friend noted that a lot of people would also ask for something from this famous person: tickets, money, help, etc etc. My friend was shocked at how "greedy" people were just because of the perception that this person was rich and famous. My friend had an insight into the life of a celebrity, and how difficult it can be having people constantly thinking you can give them something. So we are very grateful for our peace and quiet and anonymity!

Anyway back to my mother. When I spoke to my partner about it, he mentioned that my mother brought it all on herself because she likes to brag about her children and her pension and how her medical is free etc etc, so a lot of people in her community think that she is rich and don't feel bad about taking from her at all. So the program is twofold: 1/ Mum needs to get rid of the belief that being wealthy (yes, in life, finances, relationships etc) means that people will take things from her and this creates anxiety, and 2/that by bragging she is making people feel LESS and so they fix this feeling by taking. While we can't change the fact that people will still try to take from us what we don't want to give, we still decide what we want to give and don't want to give. Just like a celebrity who can ignore propositioning strangers!

So anyway back to the symbol. I had to do a bit of research because I don't ascribe to any religion although I do have a leaning toward Buddhism. The story of the woman of Samaria is in the bible and you can read about it here. Interpreting this story in the light of my mother's experience, I feel that the Woman of Samaria represents the person who feels that she is not able to ascend above her position or experiences (she is an outcast even in her own village of Samaritans, who as a race are mutually hostile to the Jews at that time). But she meets the right person, who sees in her a soul that is capable, and she is able to find her own strength and rise above what she had thought was all she could be in life. She converted so many people to Christianity that she was like a disciple - clearly she found and held the light within her - and eventually became sainted.

Now I know the bible has its story but it was written a long time ago so please permit me a little writer's licence. When Jesus and the woman of Samaria first met, she didn't know who he was, and he was happy to talk to her and reveal himself as Jesus. I imagine that he would have been quite refreshed, as a celebrity, to talk to someone as a fellow human, who didn't recognise him, and to have a simple human connection.
She did not ask anything from him, indeed, he asked something of her and when we feel that we are low in life, we feel we have nothing to give, which makes us feel less (and some of us feel we need to take to get the sweetness from life). If you are ever depressed, aside from counting your blessings, think of what you can give that is not material - you'll be surprised how much better you feel. Can you give a kind word to a someone? Can you bring a pet to an aged care home? Can you smile at someone and tell them they're doing a great job? These are the things that are truly priceless because they are giving to the heart. So you can imagine a celebrity really values gifts like this - gifts of understanding of fellow humanity. I can imagine this famous guy Jesus taking the long way and into Samaria to avoid people on the usual route taken to wherever he needed to go, and having something in common with a woman who is infamous and goes to the well in the middle of the hot day when there is nobody else around. Can you imagine her thoughts when she sees someone at the well when she was hoping for nobody? But, she must have thought, at least a Jew there is better than one of the other Samaritan villagers!
He reveals himself in honest conversation, just as she is direct and honest with him. Just humans. And I know that people who teach may learn a lot while they are teaching - I like to think that Jesus got as much out of his encounter with her as she did with him - a new perspective, a new point of view.

All that was needed for the woman of Samaria to change and light up inside was a single encounter with this man. So we all have the light inside us, just need a little encouragement to believe it. And she had all the life experience (some say as a sinner) to understand her fellow humans and to help them on their paths. He didn't need to hold her hand through life, just have this one meeting where he told her all she needed to know to never thirst spiritually again, and her life changed.

I know there are many spiritual leaders such as Wayne Dwyer who openly admit to being alcoholics or doing less-than-honorable things in their early years, until they found their spirituality. As they say, every sinner has a future, every saint has a past! Clearly our faults are our strengths and where we draw on to help others through their experiences. Our own histories are also there for us to draw strength from as we learn and grow, and to help other people feel and see their own power - because nobody is LESS - but that they can achieve what they want, and have the inner resources to do so, if they see themselves that way.

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