Virgo 15-16 An Orangutan

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According to Steven Farmer's Guide to Spirit Animals, Orangutan means "put your best face on to get the job attention to the faces you deal with and trust what you see rather than what you your best to meet your needs with the available local resources".

My friend has her Part of Fortune on this degree, and when I asked what an Orangutan meant to her (without her realising why I was asking) she said "innocent, with their large eyes, trusting, very close to human, compassionate, and that they are so vulnerable that it is a shame they are in the wild, but to have them in a cage is a shame for them not to experience freedom". I know this resonates with her particular experience, because she has a lot of strong people in her life. At the time I asked her, I also got her to look at Steven Farmer's description, and she had literally had an argument with her ex-husband which was very wounding for her. To learn to not listen to his words (and to view them as an expression of himself rather than any truth about her) and just focus on trusting what she sees in her every experience was very relevant at the time.

She has a lot of angel energy around her - lots of number 4s around her, when I visit I see lots of 4s on the way there, and I read that angels are warriors - they are very tall and intimidating because they are protectors and fight darkness. She is in the process of freeing herself from her ex (from a cage to the wild) and in this life experience of freedom, is clearly using the protection and guidance of angels to be able to do that.

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