Virgo 17-18 An Ouija Board

<tt>Alistair Williamson</tt>

Alistair Williamson

My friend Ariel has the following insights about this degree:
I have Uranus on this degree, which was a point in my chart I thought I had no feeling on, until I started meditating upon it.
Firstly I had to google ouija board, and the photograph I found on Wikipedia was of a square board. I realised that in my mind I thought the board was round. In the photographs I came across they were all square with numbers and the alphabet.

In my mind I had conjured up scenes of dark rooms, expecting minds waiting to be lured into the realms beyond their everyday thoughts. Pulses palpating, beating faster than normal and the air still, as if waiting quietly would assist them into hearing if not seeing spirits beyond the worlds. Perhaps I have had past lives with ouija boards or maybe a fear of them and the people whom conjure the spirits.

My ouija board was astrology, oracle decks and meditating.

When I was a child I often awoke to "people" gathering around my bed with trays of drinks and food, which I once discussed with my daughter and she informed me that yes she often had the same experience. (We have opposing Venus: 14 - 15 degrees Cancer (A Group Of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It)
/Capricorn (Many Toys In The Children's Ward Of A Hospital) and as an aside, my Mercury in Leo 1-2 (An Epidemic Of Mumps) oppose her Sun Aquarius 1-2 (An Unexpected Thunderstorm)).

I had an experience, whilst working in a spiritual shop, of a young teenager that had been partying with his mates (drinking, smoking dope) the previous night and dabbling in the ouija board. He was literally petrified, pale sweating and hyperventilating. To my surprise the clairvoyants working there encouraged his hysteria, filling him with ideas of spirits and worlds he had apparantly unknowingly opened.
This increased his already hypersenstivity and his wallet became considerably less after he had purchased their remedies. This boy was having a drug induced paranoia from the previous night, which I had seen often as a nurse. I left that job not long after this episode.

Ouija boards are for me an opening into the layers of the genetic subconscious, of what we carry within our DNA from previous lives and lives of our heritage.
My thoughts on life and death are that they are interlinked, our lives are shaped by our ancestors and transformed by our life into new vessels to be tapped by spirit.
We as human beings are living ouija boards.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Virgo karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

Please note that your comment may be edited for other visitors' experience. We aim to share knowledge and experience for greater learning.

Many thanks!

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Nov 26, 2015
Very deep :)
by: Bek

Your descriptions, especially that last paragraph, are so vivid. You are a natural writer Ariel! I think this is a beautiful idea that we are living ouija boards, and it does make sense too.

Ouija boards are tools that communicate with other dimensions. And so are we!
Tools are not good/bad, it depends on the user. Writing is not evil, but someone that spreads hate-crime has an evil intention.
So as we live, using the tool that is our body/mind, it is directed to do and communicate according to our emotions, spirit, heart and character. Your teenager in the story was clearly not in the best frame to use the ouija board!

Thank you for this lesson in personal development! :) :)

Nov 25, 2018
by: Lauren

I have asteroid DNA #55555 conjunct the ouija degree so it’s serendipitous that you should mention them both!

Apr 24, 2019
Uranus conjunct Pluto conjunct my 3rd cusp all at this degree
by: Anonymous

I've always been drawn to metaphysical subjects such as astrology and now also channeling Akashic Records. Symbols and guidance surround us if we can be open to receive. The image of the Ouija board and giggling girls always had me thinking of playing with something that should be taken more seriously and also to be careful in interpretation. I want to improve myself and help others through the information I receive but am also concerned that what I have to offer will be seen as nothing more than entertainment.

Nov 08, 2020
North Node 17'27 Virgo 8th house
by: Kelly

SN Pisces 2nd...Quite interesting considering my Sun Moon Mercury are in Pisces 2nd. Total solar eclipse baby...

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