Virgo 29-30 A False Call Unheard In Attention To Immediate Service

<tt>Gabriel Oliveira @</tt>

Gabriel Oliveira @

An old school friend of mine has his Ceres on this degree: for the whole time we were students at high school or university, whenever he had a deadline, he would ask that I not call or visit him - he needed complete seclusion while he locked himself away to finish his assignments or essays. Of course, to prove what a good friend I was, I left him alone (funny I now realise this was a lesson for me too: boundaries again - I used to always want to be around my friends, and I used to always want to interact with him whenever he asked me to leave me alone! Ahhhhhahaha, it was a struggle for me to leave him alone but I did do it - clearly responding to his Ceres energy :D ).

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