Virgo 7-8 First Dancing Instruction

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Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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May 10, 2022
Chiron 7 degrees virgo 9th house
by: Zakary Toutant

My chiron placement is at 7 degrees of virgo in the 9th house, house of Jupiter and Sagittarius.
I know virgo rules the intestines so I'd understand if that is where the wound would be in the body. Someone please tell me more about the 7th degree in virgo which my chiron placement is located. Also, the moon just passed by this degree about 3 hours ago. I read about natal chiron and transiting moon. It was a very sad read. Problems with my mother. Seems accurate. If anybody has more to say or can relate please comment or dm me on facebook.

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