09-10 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Red Cross Nurse.
  • Leo: Early Morning Dew.

  • Scorpio: A Fellowship Supper.

  • Aquarius: A Popularity That Proves Ephemeral.

The theme that springs to my mind is about the importance of self-care to continue to work or serve.

The Red-Cross Nurse (Taurus), who is probably very popular in a crisis (Aquarius) but probably not acknowledged nor appreciated (this is a nod to the stories my health-industry friends tell me) although there is comfort in some solidarity, validation and dark humour of fellow health-workers or even just the support of friends or family who understand (Scorpio). One of the primary ways to self-care or self-nurture is with food, and a fellowship supper can feed our soul too. After this rest and healing, we can begin a new day refreshed (Leo) - and go back out into the $#!% again (Taurus)!

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