20-21 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Finger Pointing In An Open Book.
  • Leo: Chickens Intoxicated.

  • Scorpio: A Soldier Derelict In Duty.

  • Aquarius: A Woman Disappointed And Disillusioned.

Yes, chickens do get drunk (Leo). Fermented fruit, wet feed that ferments a little; chickens love it. What's so good about that? The eggs fall out easier and the chickens are easier to kill because they're more relaxed without their high-strung Chicken Little wits.

I have Ceres on Leo’s chickens while my daughters and partner have Midheaven, North Node and Part of Fortune respectively on Scorpio’s soldier.  My niece and brother-in-law have Earth and Mercury respectively on Aquarius’ disappointed woman, and these two family members I personally struggle to enjoy interacting with, even though I understand and empathies with their attitudes.

My daughters also have IC and South Node on Taurus’ symbol about rules, prior knowledge, facts, ‘what is written’ and therefore referenced as authority.  The open book indicates knowledge that is easily seen; no secrets.

Leo’s chickens, who are relaxed in seeming contrast to Taurus’ rules, also lack a will to resist Taurus' authoritarianism. The chickens could find Taurus' structure comforting or turn to drink to cope with it—either way relinquishing personal responsibility!

Resonant with relinquishing responsibility is Scorpio’s soldier who wears the uniform but is not aligned with the paradigm written in the rule book.  Scorpio’s heart and mind are not engaged with the duty expected so the soldier is derelict and does not perform as expected. (This contrasts to the next degree Scorpio 21-22 Hunters Starting Out For Ducks which is about alignment.) The soldier does not take responsibility of the duties imposed on them.  The struggle for this symbol is inauthenticity—that one cannot be one’s true self due to the role imposed by society; or that one is simply not enough for the demands of the role despite the desire to be so.  The resolution of this symbol would be to accept that everyone brings difference and creative interpretation to the role, so this soldier is different to other soldiers.

The result of living in a world of ‘Shoulds’ (Taurus) is that we set people up for disappointment (Aquarius) when expectations are not met (Scorpio dereliction and Leo intoxication).  While there is strength in carrying all that negative energy (Aquarius) due to understandable disappointment, the shadow side is blame (finger pointing) placed upon the under-performer (Scorpio) and turning to drink for escapism and self-soothing (Leo).

We can have societal rules and roles (Taurus) that limit a person's freedoms (Aquarian woman) who in a repressed/depressed state finds her own small way of rebelling by doing the bare minimum (Scorpio) or seeking escapism (Leo). The best thing about intoxication is that the coping mechanism also removes the drinker from expectations—they are dismissed and underestimated. 


I once clicked on the Sabian Oracle with ‘Alzheimer’ in my mind and got Leo’s symbol in response. The emotional root of Alzheimer’s is that the sufferer has simmered in silence and spent a long time quietly angry during a life of over-responsibility and obligation. The Alzheimer’s is not a problem for the ‘sufferer’ but for the family that are now controlled by the Alzheimer’s sufferer through the condition—the sufferer finally cared for and allowed to release responsibility (Bourbeau, 2007).

My family manifests this cross as different ways of dealing with the non-alignment of values within the larger family structure. This difference in coping can look like judgement: Leo says to Aquarius, "Why can't you just enjoy the what little there is, instead of ruining even that with your sour face?" Aquarius responds, "Can't you see what REALLY is going on! Don't you see what THEY ARE DOING TO US?"  Taurus insists, “This is how it must be!”  Scorpio shows us compromise by dressing the part, but not acting the part—present in body but not in heart (or mind, Leo) nonetheless appeasing Taurus at one’s own expense (Aquarius).  The resolution of this cross is also in Taurus—knowledge provides guidance out of the cycle of dissatisfaction, blame and passive aggression.  The symbols of the cross are stuck in how they view and cope with an issue, rather than looking for ways (Taurus) to step out of the entire situation itself.

The question of the cross is: which beliefs, upon which rest your worldview and guide your actions, no longer serve you?  Are you going to get out of this cross?

Bourbeau, L. (2007). Your Body's Telling You: Love Yourself: The Most Complete Book on the Metaphysical Causes of Illnesses and Disease. Wisconsin, United States: Lotus Press.

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