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I have a painter friend who has the following Sabian symbols in her birthday astrology:

Painter Friend
Planet influence Planet Degree Retro? Sign Symbol
Broad traits Sun 28°42' Capricorn A Woman Reading Tea Leaves
Emotions, instincts Moon 2°06' Gemini The Garden Of The Tuileries
Communication, intellect Mercury 6°25' Capricorn A Veiled Prophet Of Power
Romance, beauty Venus 27°57' Capricorn A Large Aviary
Action, drive Mars 2°46' R Leo A Woman Having Her Hair Bobbed
Expansion, luck Jupiter 27°44' R Gemini A Man Declared Bankrupt
Karmic Lesson, blocks Saturn 29°14' R Leo An Unsealed Letter
Ingenuity, progression Uranus 15°57' Scorpio A Girl's Face Breaking Into A Smile
Psychic, dreams Neptune 17°20' Sagittarius Tiny Children In Sunbonnets
Power transformation Pluto 16°42' R Libra A Retired Sea Captain
Wounded healer Chiron 1°08' Taurus An Electrical Storm
Give/receive nurturing Ceres 24°21' Sagittarius A Chubby Boy On A Hobbyhorse.
Justice, claim your power Pallas 4°23' Sagittarius An Old Owl Up In A Tree
Soul mates, commitment Juno 5°58' Capricorn A Dark Archway And Ten Logs At The Bottom
Organised, perfect, essence Vesta 24°00' Scorpio An X Ray
Path of Spiritual Progression North Node 8°57' R Libra Three Old Masters Hanging In An Art Gallery
Dark side, belief to let go Lilith 22°43' Gemini Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree
Inner child, habits Part of Fortune 15°29' Virgo An Orangutang
First natural reactions Ascendent 12°05' Taurus A Man Handling Baggage
Reputation, society position Midheaven 12°43' Aquarius A Barometer

The following are the Sabian Symbols of her husband.  Not all of them are listed as I don't know his birth time, so I have only used the planets that were in the same degree for the 24 hours of his birthday. 

This is also the reason I don't want to show an incorrect horoscope, as I can't delete the planets off the horoscope that are not correct for the whole day.  His karmic astrology summary is below:

Planet influence Planet Degree Retro? Sign Symbol
Action, drive Mars 15-16 Cancer A Man Before A Square With A Manuscript Scroll Before Him.
Expansion, luck Jupiter 13-14 R Pisces A Lady In Fox Fur
Karmic Lesson, blocks Saturn 2-3 Cancer A Man All Bundled Up In Fur Leading A Shaggy Deer.
Ingenuity, progression Uranus 24-25 R Libra Information In The Symbol Of An Autumn Leaf.
Psychic, dreams Neptune 8-9 Sagittarius A Mother With Her Children On Stairs.
Power transformation Pluto 4-5 R Libra A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge.
Wounded healer Chiron 22-23 Aries A Woman In Pastel Colors Carrying A Heavy And Valuable But Veiled Load.
Give/receive nurturing Ceres 7-8 Pisces A Girl Blowing A Bugle.
Justice, claim your power Pallas 10-11 Aquarius Man Tête-À-Tête With His Inspiration.
Soul mates, commitment Juno 6-7 Pisces A Cross Lying On Rocks.
Organised, perfect, essence Vesta 4-5 Libra A Group Around A Campfire.
Path of Spiritual Progression North Node 19-20 R Sagittarius Men Cutting Through Ice.

So lets start with my painter friend.
You may notice that she has a lot of "insight" type of symbols in her karmic astrology:

  • Sun on A Woman Reading Tea Leaves
  • Mercury on A Veiled Prophet Of Power
  • Pallas on An Old Owl Up In A Tree
  • Vesta on An X Ray
  • Midheaven: A Barometer

She has said that many people have given her feedback (positively and negatively) about her "endless/constant questioning", and she has said to me that she often walks on eggshells around people wondering what they are really thinking (in childhood this was triggered by a mother who was very moody yet wouldn't communicate, and this would start a chain reaction of drama in the household).
She is a seeker of truth and was always strongly attracted to personal development, and went to therapy for years (Ascendent: A Man Handling Baggage).
Her North node is in Libra (devotion to a partner, supporting others' needs) as Three Old Masters Hanging In An Art Gallery.

Her 10 year relationship with her husband had always been rocky.  They were defacto for a long time because of his negative views of marriage, however finally got married two years ago.  They have two children, and he had always said to her that his only goal was to be a good father, which he absolutely was (she can't deny it in the divorce):

  • Neptune on A Mother With Her Children On Stairs
  • Vesta on A Group Around A Campfire

...but he was a narcissistic husband.  Unfortunately she saw in him a soul mate (Juno on A Dark Archway And Ten Logs At The Bottom - the dark mystery), who was the karmic lesson (Saturn on An Unsealed Letter - she wasn't able to get to the bottom of their bad marriage) while she was learning her spiritual progression in Libra (devotion to partner). 

As a side note, he was always publicly supportive of her art and went to marketing efforts for her (Ceres on A Girl Blowing A Bugle) and of course also vocally proud of his children.  Incidentally, my friend always noted (and was disgusted by) the fact that his mother always complimented him all the time - now I understand it was this Ceres placement (how we give and receive nurturing).

While she was with him, she went to a lot of therapy and tried to get him to do marriage couselling, which he never fully embraced.  Often her complaints about him were explained by friends and family as "normal" however she always had a gut feeling something wasn't right.  Some marriage counsellers would focus on him and probe because they had the same feeling but then he would refuse to continue with that counseller. 
They and she felt that he was hiding something:

  • Jupiter on A Lady In Fox Fur (foxing people, and thinking you are better than them)
  • Chiron on A Woman In Pastel Colors Carrying A Heavy And Valuable But Veiled Load

I saw her one day and asked point blank if she was ever going to divorce him.  She finally said No, she wouldn't.  I said congratulations, now we have something solid, rather than yes I'll leave him, no I won't business.
We can actually work with something solid.  I asked her if he had changed in 10 years.  She said no.  So I had to point out that positive things that my friend would have seen in him all those years ago, when she was younger and naive.  The main thing was that he was usually direct about his feelings and he was decisive, which were things she found refreshing, and the decisive thing was something she felt she lacked.  We then had a laugh about him just being a "lump of wood" bloke and that was what he was back then and that's what she's got now!  I was not trying to disrespect him, but I wanted her to have a different perspective since she was resigned to putting up with another 10 years of his crap, and we both ended up feeling sorry for him for being a "lump of wood". 
Incidentally, the universe brought me a sign in a later conversation on the phone with her.  We were talking about him again a week later and my daughter wanted to show me "a froggy" so I went outside and saw a lump of bark shaped like a frog.  I shocked my daughter when I told her it wasn't a frog, but a lump of wood!  All this while I'm on the phone with my painter friend!
Frogs mean Cleansing as a sign of the universe.

Well the next day, she found out he had cheated for 10 years.
The entire time they knew each other, he was intimate with another woman, and this woman never knew either.

My friend had noticed her husband set a passcode on his phone, which she thought unusual, so she hacked into it and found a text from his friend that she always despised, about a secret email.  She then hacked his secret email and found 10 years worth of sexually explicit emails to a woman, and she lined up dates for times when he was interstate "for work".

To me, my friend had decided to be devoted to her partner (North node in Libra) and the universe said "Ok darlin', you've learned your lesson, you're free to go", and she was able to break the sealed letter, and finally leave a bad marriage.

I don't know the husband that well, so I don't have insight into his other Sabian Symbols, so I will continue with my painter friend's story.

She feels an amazing sense of freedom and power; she says she will never doubt herself again.  All her therapy made her examine herself to the point where she is well able to cope with the drama of the divorce, handle herself with aplomb and shepherd her children through it.  Meanwhile he is falling apart because of his resistance to personal development and therapy, or any learning with her (Saturn on A Man All Bundled Up In Fur Leading A Shaggy Deer)  Although, now he is now seeing a therapist to cope with the divorce, and hopefully will be able to use the following gifts of his karmic astrology:

  • Uranus on Information In The Symbol Of An Autumn Leaf
  • Juno on A Cross Lying On Rocks

The latter symbol, as well as Pallas on Man Tête-À-Tête With His Inspiration, may indicate his attraction to my friend and "the other woman".  My friend contacted the other woman and both realised the other person was intelligent, lovely and kind and exactly a "type" that the ex-husband liked.  It is probably that he saw these women as comfort (symbol of the cross) in his "rocky" inner life.  On the other hand, his Chiron is "A Woman In Pastel Colors Carrying A Heavy And Valuable But Veiled Load", so on his part, the fact that she got pregnant early in their relationship was his wound - he was tied to a woman that he probably had no intention of being committed to, but to his credit, he provided for her and his children.

A close friend of both the painter and ex-husband is also this same type, and for some reason people have mentioned to my painter friend that they "never understood the threesome you guys had going on in the relationship", that is the painter, the husband and the friend of both.  Is this the Three Old Masters Hanging In An Art Gallery?  Which happens to be the North node in Libra?  The fact that this friend won't take sides was deeply wounding to my painter friend, however a handyman that was in the house at the exact time she told me this, brought out a toy frog from the bathroom saying, "you can stop using this now"!  What?!  To me this means she can stop cleansing her relationships, including that of her friend.  while I know this is difficult for her, as she feels so wounded, I believe the universe sent a sign for a reason.  Unfortunately my friends suspects that they may have had an affair too, so betrayed by the husband and friend.

Now that my painter friend is divorcing, I've noted that her Jupiter is on A Man Declared Bankrupt, so things are looking good for her legally.  He will be fulfilling his North node of "Men Cutting Through Ice" of cutting through his own icy walls and finding the compassionate human within a part of his karmic astrology.

During the time my friend went to stay with her family after she found out about her husband's secrets, she told her younger sister who is mentally ill.  Her sister refused to sympathise with her, yelled at her, then started to assault her.  My friend hit back to stop from being hit, so her sister called the police, who came and promptly put domestic violence charges on the sister. Even though my friend didn't want to put charges on her, the law states that where there is a domestic violence crime, the police must put charges on the offender so it is out of the victim's hands and not their "fault" for putting charges on.
Her sister countered with her own charges.
The case finally went to court, over the phone, and since my friend (representing herself) told the judge that she would drop the charges, the sister's lawyer finally told the judge that the sister would drop her charges.  The judge got snippy at the lawyer for not saying this sooner and saving everyone's time, then told my friend that there was nothing further and hung up, case closed.

My friend has noted that nobody really sympathises with her specifically about her husband cheating.  The universe seems to send her messages about "being fair" - her friend not taking sides, family courts insisting on fairness and not caring about why they are divorcing and her family's apathy are interesting.  It seems that she must admit to divorcing as her own choice, and not for whatever he did, and everyone does support her leaving, just not interested in why.  I felt for her and said that she is clearly having a solitary emotional experience.  In fact, her Earth is the opposite of her Sun, which happens to be Cancer 28-29 A Muse Weighing Twins.

After the legal episode, and considering her Jupiter on ...A Man Declared Bankrupt, as well as her "insight" type symbols and her North node in Libra, I suspect she had a past life as a judge herself, where she has the gifts of intelligence and probing, cross-examining, questioning.  However "back in the day" domestic violence was not as reported as now and a woman had a very restricted role in society, and I can imagine a judge in the older days wondering why people couldn't sort out their own problems, and not understanding about the actual dynamics of people's lives and how things subconsciously play out negatively.  I wonder if this judge chose to learn about relationship dynamics through North node in Libra, and subconsciously attracted to the dark mystery with a view to understanding these dynamics (insight symbols).  He must have been a very fair judge too, since the universe is insisting on it, and I also know that my friend is a very fair person, since she is always weighing up the facts!  I also wonder if her South node in Aquarius (many past lives, where now those skills and talents only get you so far as you need to progress toward the North node) further indicates past life as someone who had larger societal concerns/responsibilities and this life is to focus on the smaller family unit to understand human dynamics.

While this Karma Review may seem negative, we have to remember that everything is meant for our learning and is meant to be.  My friend is a diamond after all she's been through.  She has learnt so much about herself that she knows she can do anything.  Read here for the latest outcome.

What I find sad is that her sister probably feels that the world is against her now that her own sister had her in court.  The last thing my friend wanted was to put her sister in court, but the sister assaulted her then called the police who put the charges on her.  I see this as an example of how we may not want to hurt someone, but it is out of our hands.  And the sister now has reinforced her negative view of the world.

I wonder how many times the universe gives us opportunities to learn, but we don't, so then the stakes get bigger and bigger?



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