Capricorn 10-11 A Large Group Of Pheasants

<tt>Common Pheasant from the Crossley ID Guide Britain and Ireland by Richard Crossley via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

Common Pheasant from the Crossley ID Guide Britain and Ireland by Richard Crossley via Wikimedia Commons

What do pheasants mean? There is a fantastic explanation here. Much nicer than thinking of game birds about to get eaten, "sitting ducks"! I presume this symbol hints that the pheasants feel safe, otherwise they would be scattered and hiding in the bushes, as well as a sense of the collective.

I thought I would analyse the 10-11 Capricorn/ Aries/ Cancer/ Libra cross, to try to get a better sense of my own Pluto position Libra 10-11 A Professor Peering Over His Glasses.

Let's start with Aries 10-11 The President Of The Country. This appears to be self-explanatory, as ruler, until we look at it in the context of the Capricorn pheasants. Now it appears that the President is an elected leader, a chosen representative of the collective, a leader that represents unification of people.

Moving towards Cancer 10-11 A Clown Making Grimaces, compared to the Arian president, this clown is satirising or lampooning the president or populace, or acting similar to a court jester - making a harsh or sensitive truth entertaining and palatable to the audience. Have you ever had someone lampoon you, show you how you walk, talk, gesture etc? If they get it right, it's funny and also flattering that someone knows you so well, warts and all, loving you enough to show you to your face! The clown persona is a safe way of letting you know what it is about yourself that is making a strong impression on others.

Next is the Libran professor, which I wonder is taking all the fun out things to take the truth seriously, in order to learn and improve. There is an element of assessment and implied correction. The professor is not reading texts through his reading glasses, but looking over them to check on someone(s). The professor may also be advisor to the President.

After our stint in education, we arrive at the pheasant collective (Capricorn), who feel safe and confident in their learned paradigm to elect a representative (Aries).

In comparison to the clown, pheasants are also flamboyant however they are more grounded, flying with minimal air-time. They are not playing with emotional expressions as the clown, they are going about their business as themselves.

If we move in the other direction, the pheasant collective is watched by the professor (Libra) studying their habits and motivations, all the better to manipulate their favours (performing) and gain the highest status (Aries) in the community, to which the president must answer!

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of astrological Capricorn! Do any of the planets (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Many thanks!

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