Libra 15-16 A Boat Landing Washed Away

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My partner has his Midheaven on this degree.

I used to have two theories about what this might mean, however he has not been forthcoming about what this means to him so my speculation is just that!

One idea came from the fact that he bought a tinny several years ago, and many times it has been loaned to friends and family, often staying mid-to-longer term at other people's houses. While he loves having a boat and loves being on the water, circumstances are that he doesn't have the time to go fishing as much as he would like. But other people are more than happy to do his fishing for him! I do know he had a past life as merchant on a ship and one of the regrets of that life was that he didn't have a family, nobody to come home to. In that life he had "nowhere to land", in this life he has hardly any opportunity to set sail! In both cases there is a missing "boat landing" to use.

Another idea was that he works in maintenance, so always fixing things. So in a sense, the idea of something being destroyed that needs repair.

Now that we have lived in his hometown near his parents for six years, and I've recently had some dramas with his mother, I have an understanding about what this symbol means.

Some background: when we first arrived in town, I noticed how members of my partner's family would come over and complain about other members of the family. They would ask him to mediate and talk to the other person to get that person to change something. It was usually his father about his mother, or our sister-in-law about his brother. Sometimes another sister-in-law would just happily complain about his other brother. I really saw how this family was quite negative and some members for their own reasons would create blocks for others, because they themselves felt unloved.
My partner would take onboard their judgements and angst about these family members and become caught in the petty drama, until I pointed out to him that having people come to him to solve their problems came across to me as very manipulative, and that these people should really solve their own problems, and talk directly or differently with the people they had issues with.
My partner completely agreed and a few years ago managed to stop his father complaining to him about his mother.
Unfortunately he was not able to stop his mother complaining to us about many many a myriad of things. Now she is a good person, but have you ever had to counsel someone about a problem they have no intention of changing for themselves? Ever counselled someone many times about that same problem? Ever wondered whether you have wasted your time even just listening? And that person comes back time and again into your house with their negative attitude, and guess what, let's talk about this crap again!..?
My partner also has his North node/Rahu/Dragon's head in Sagittarius 10-11 The Lamp Of Physical Enlightenment At The Left Temple, while his South node or many past lives is Gemini 10-11 A New Path Of Realism In Experience. I have read that Gemini past lives indicate too much shallowness, routine and over-preoccupation with other people's values and trivia. By constantly fielding the thoughts, judgements and complaints of his family, he was not pursuing his own personal development or even his own peace in his own house.
He himself would complain to me about everyone's complaints and I would get irritated by the fact that our living here seemed to get other people's crap thrown into our door. But both of us let it happen.

I recently had to put the boundaries up and stop my mother-in-law from dropping in most mornings that she finished work from a place she didn't like. I made it very clear to my partner that he didn't have to mediate for me, that I was quite capable of being the bad guy and standing up for what I want. It took the pressure off him.
Very recently my MIL dropped around again because she thought she was ok, and I had to get my house keys off her (duh! Why did we give them to her in the first place?!) and reiterate again that she was not welcome in the mornings. I know I broke her heart, and while I felt that I was standing in my own authority, I still needed to work through the projections of ripping the family apart etc, and my own guilt. A friend suggested I put crystals around the perimeter of our property to serve as a boundary. While I don't know if it 'works' I do know that when I have negative thoughts (which are pointless and generate useless negative emotions) about her, I just think of the magic boundary doing its job, rather than generating more anger in case she drops around again. So I have to allow the boundary I put up (taking the house keys back - and the crystals remind me of that boundary) to do it's job, rather than worrying about her trespassing.

It's been 3 weeks now, and none of the in-laws have dropped around. My family life has become so much more joyful and relaxed. The kids have, not once, mentioned the grandparents. My partner is planning fun family weekends away. I cannot believe it! A while ago I was expecting condemnation, but now I am getting love and acceptance from the people who matter.

I now realise that I put in motion his Midheaven of "A Boat Landing Washed Away", where my partner was the emotional boat landing for his family.
They are supposed to find their own happiness and joy somehow - rather than distracting themselves by rehashing their negativity at our place.
Good luck to them, it's none of my business.

Interestingly, this symbol also applies to me. Since I've pondered the idea of "Standing in My Own Authority", in this period of personal quiet reflection I haven't discussed with my partner my personal evolution. He has not defended his family nor did he say anything to his mother when I got my keys back off her. In a sense, I haven't found any point in discussing the events with him since, because I've taken on the responsibility for myself. Sometimes the emotional boat landing is there because we need validation for our decisions, but when you yourself are your own authority, then the validation only comes from you, and you have to make peace with yourself.


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