Scorpio 1-2 A Broken Bottle And Spilled Perfume

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Pam's partner has Neptune on this degree. She describes his experience below:

My partners Neptune is Scorpio 2, this degree, has for him come in a myriad of different forms. His life had been full of family dramas, secrets that connect people for the wrong reason, communication through innuendoes (3rd house), internal family sexual and emotional abuse. All of this which he kept under wraps until he turned 42 and finally the perfume bottle broke and the perfume spilled out. As Neptune is the esoteric ruler of his Cancer ascendent (A Storm in a Canyon), this release of these secrets has left him virtually alone in his quest for transformation. The perfume was not sweet and innocent, smelling of spring and summer but more a scent which his family members steered clear of, especially his siblings (3rd house).
As when anything breaks and spills open, there is a need to discern what is yours and what is someone else's. Unfortunately for many years he wore the blame (the scent sticking to him), as many children of abusive parents do.
Somehow children's innocence is used against them, leaving them with misplaced guilt from the perpetrators of their abuse. He has travelled the path of trying to heal this early childhood trauma, through reading books, doing healing courses, visiting practitioners, joining the Hare Krishnas, all which seemed to take him further away from the wound.
His life turning into a constant feeling of rejection, pain and aloneness. This began to change when he finally spoke to the abusers, again spilling the perfume back to its rightful owner (the marking scent of an animal tracked back to the animal).

As his Neptune sextiles his Sun,Pluto,Mercury conjunction in the 1st house, it has been a process of learning to stand in your own (the aloneness - 1st house) power (Pluto) and speak your personal truth (Mercury). As the planet is Neptune it has been a very slow and at times confusing process to navigate.
The degree is 2, so for him to move toward the Scorpio 3 (A House Raising) he needed to spill the perfume and transform the scent into his own personal soul essence (Cancer ascendent) of powerful presence in speaking the truth. (The Sun,Pluto,Mercury conjunction in the 1st house).
He has a highly tuned sense of scent, at the time we met I owned a candle shop in which he was attracted by the smell to enter the door. He is now in the process of Raising his House which is more in keeping with his own essence, not that of his childhood.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Scorpio karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Jan 23, 2016
Completing the astrological cross
by: Bek

Hi Pam,
thank you so much for your enlightening perspective. His story helps complete the astrological cross for Taurus/Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius that you were speaking to me about.
What resonates for me about this story is a couple of layers:
1/the idea of a lingering smell of something that needs attention, so we have also the idea of the source of the smell and detective work - and the source of the smell becomes a target.

2/the idea of something wasted, something that has a strong, concentrated (powerful) scent.

This second idea is a continuation of the astrological cross idea with Taurus 1-2 An Electrical Storm - where electrical power is looking to be earthed and my personal experience of this as a wound is to not be grounded, AND to waste my own power on others. I have wondered if this Scorpio degree has a similar theme of wasting power, or otherwise cracking open something to find the essence of yourself (which is the antidote to a wounding electrical storm) and which is powerful.

For myself, I feel drawn to this symbol because it evokes the idea of crushing or smashing an outer wall/shell to reveal the beautiful soul inside, or our beautiful inner vulnerability. This idea then leads to a sense of death as inevitable spilling? releasing? the spirit from the vessel that holds it. And what is death but a transformation?

Looking forward to cracking (lol) the code on this one Pam! :) :)

Oct 26, 2023
Neptune Retro 2 .58 seconds NEW
by: Anonymous

My partner has this placement in the 7th conjunct his north node opposite his ascendant. He lost his daughter at 13 years of age to childhood leukemia.We met 5 years after her passing. I had my own fatherless son and he stepped in to influence and guide him selflessly. The fragrance never dissipates.

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